August 15, 2022

Sales project management is crucial to the success of any retail business. To make the most of sales and marketing, sales and project managers need to understand the underlying processes. This article looks at what sales project management is and why it is a critical skill for sales managers.

Sales Project Management

Sales project management is the process of overseeing and coordinating the various tasks and activities involved in developing and releasing a product or service for sale.

This includes identifying potential customers, developing marketing and sales plans, setting targets, and monitoring progress.

It is important to ensure that all team members know the sales goals and objectives and work together to achieve them.

What You Get When You Manage Sales like Project

Sales is all about tasks and activities, just like a project. You need to have a plan and a strategy to be successful.

These activities include:

  • Prospecting
  • Generating leads
  • Qualifying leads
  • Customer and product research.
  • Demos, handle objections, and close.
  • Gaining referrals or repeat business.

Sales activities can be related, so managing them carefully to avoid overlap is important.

When the discipline of Project Management meets with the hyperactivity of Sales, good things can happen.

The benefits of using project management software are numerous. Project management software helps salespeople monitor their deals, fix issues, and optimize the sales process.

That doesn’t mean sales reps can’t do their sales processes as project managers do.

Using the principles of project and program management, businesses can —.

  •  Make sales more predictable and malleable.
  •  By gaining visibility of the sales cycle, you’ll be able to identify the exact context or factors that lead to a sale or a no. This will lead to a more predictable and malleable process.
  •  Make sure your stakeholders are accountable for their part of the project.

On the surface, sales professionals and project managers have little in common. They occupy entirely different fields and have different end goals.

The stereotype of the budget-conscious, time-crunched, and snooping Project Manager seems very different from the gregarious, out-going, and talkative Salesperson.

Salespeople are often natural project managers. The best salespeople can take on the role of project manager and successfully guide a team to complete tasks within expectations. High-performing salespeople have many of the same skills as successful project managers and can use these skills to meet revenue targets.

Project management and sales aren’t all that different from each other.

When combined, sales and project management are two areas of expertise that create a powerful tool for achieving optimal outcomes. Using the target-oriented approach to sales along with the proven methodologies and control systems of project management, you can create a system that yields superior results in terms of decision-making and performance.

1. Drive

This refers to a person’s determination to achieve their goals, even when faced with obstacles.

Drive is an indispensable trait for project managers.

Think about your everyday work: you often work on sales projects with multiple tasks and different people with different skills.

When budget, time, and resource limitations are at play, sales projects can quickly become chaotic and stalled.

If sales professionals aren’t motivated, they may lose their drive to prospect, make phone calls, or close a deal. This may happen when they are about to ask a prospect for their business, perform a cold call, or formalize an initial agreement with a new client.

2. Accountability

Project managers are accountable for the projects that they oversee.

The success or failure of any project lies in the hands of the project leader.

Project managers need to hold themselves accountable for adopting the best strategies and practices to ensure a project’s success.

Sales teams must work together efficiently to ensure everyone acceptably performs their assigned duties.

The manager helps their team meet their targets.

The sales teams follow a specific set of steps and perform all the appropriate activities that will enable them to meet their team’s sales target, even if they don’t like those tasks. This shows their dedication to helping their team achieve its goals.

3. Discipline 

Sales discipline is important.

A disciplined salesperson follows strict guidelines, especially in process and behaviors.

A committed salesperson will consistently make prospecting calls and reach out to new contacts even when they’re already at capacity or have just landed a big sale. By maintaining their focus and consistency, they can keep their level of success and hit their targets consistently.

Disciplined sellers are not influenced by their moods or any external factors. They remain focused and continue working hard no matter what.

A project’s success or failure can hinge on the discipline of its manager. A project management professional can ensure that a project reaches its potential by closely monitoring progress and ensuring that all team members are on the same page.

4. Time Management

Timelines are important in projects.

How salespeople spend their day is also very important.

Focusing only on the high potential, highly qualified customers is a guaranteed way to ensure that you’re spending your time wisely.

Every sales opportunity has an associated opportunity cost.

The lead’s time in each stage of the sales process (sales cycle) is another important metric to measure.

A salesperson who knows how to prioritize their workload is head and shoulders above their peers.

5. Effective Communication 

As a Project Manager, it’s important to use the right communication skills to share information about the project with your team. You can do this through casual meetings, emails, or formal presentations. By actively listening to your team members, you’ll be able to create a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished.

To sell effectively, sellers must listen to the customer needs and be able to tell a story about how their product or service can help.

Your job is to create such a powerful message that your customers understand the value of your product or service and are willing to pay for it.

6. Collaboration 

The key to achieving organizational goals is teamwork and collaboration. Teams can reach their targets more effectively by working together and building relationships.

Project management is all about collaboration. When teams work together towards a common goal, amazing things can happen. As a project manager, it’s your job to lead the way and create an environment where everyone can collaborate effectively.

Tips for Helping Your Team Become The Best Project Managers

Not all sales professionals are born great project managers. However, you can certainly improve your abilities in this area.

The benefits that come with learning the key project management skills will ultimately improve your company’s top and bottom lines.

You don’t need to make your salespeople into project managers. Just apply their project management skills to a sales environment.

If your sales team wants to become great project managers, they must focus on time management and discipline. They can better manage their time to avoid cramming to meet deadlines and keep their pipelines flowing. Discipline will also help them stay on track and achieve their goals.

Sellers who hold themselves accountable and stay motivated can hit their quotas even when faced with obstacles.

Selling is more than just closing a deal. It involves researching, emailing, and connecting with customers via social media.

Your sales cycles can be structured like a project management plan.

It’ll help you work faster and be more efficient.


Sales project management is all about keeping projects on track and meeting goals. Focusing on time management skills, your sales representatives can avoid procrastination and work more efficiently. Also, by staying disciplined, they can meet their goals.

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