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“You don’t know what you don’t know.”

You don’t have to do it alone.

Self-awareness is the best characteristic that a founder can possibly possess. It is important to understand that you cannot possibly master every domain, which is why team building is such a critical activity for early stage startups. But it is not always practical or financially feasible to hire a new employee, but how do you still manage to acquire the skillset(s) required in order to continue growing your business?


We provide project-based consultants to evaluate your business, deliver results, and implement new technologies:

SaaS Health Audits

Outcome-Based Engagements


Support System Implementations

Fractional C-Suite Resources:

Chief Marketing Officers

Chief Experience Officers

Chief Technology Officers

Chief Revenue Officers


Chief Financial Officers

Chief Operations Officers

Chief Product Officers

Chief Information Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Coaching?

A fractional employee is someone who works part-time for your business and may also work part-time for other businesses as well. The difference between someone deemed to be a fractional employee and someone who is a contractor is that they are serving in an ongoing capacity and not simply for a project and a defined term of employment.

How Do I Know if hiring a fractional employmee Is Right for Me?

Fractional staffing enables businesses, who wouldn’t otherwise have the budget, to get the expertise of experienced professionals at a fraction of the price of hiring full-time employees. As companies do not have to provide training or incur costs of additional employee expenses (benefits, leave pay, or holidays) for fractional hires, resources are freed up to invest in other areas of the business.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

Yes. All of our fractional employees have extensive experience working with SaaS companies and/or other non-SaaS software startups, and have been vetted by our internal team.

Do i get a choice in which executive I work with?

We will match you with the executive that we believe best fits with your industry, revenue milestones, and budget. You will have the opportunity to interview the selected executive to evaluate experience and culture fit. If for some reason, the executive we have selected does not meet your expectations, then we will provide additional executives based on their availability. 

what if it doesn't work for me?

Our contracts start with a 3 month minimum. After the initial 3 months, we offer month-to-month options. If you determine that you need someone full-time or someone with a different skill set, then we can reconnect and get the appropriate executive placed within your company.

We Also Give Hands-On Workshops & Talks

Join us for regularly scheduled webinars and domain-specific talks from experts within the SaaS industry.





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