19 Motivation Sales Tips to Help You Stay Focused

If you’re looking for some motivation to help you stay focused in your sales career, look no further! In this post, we’ll be discussing motivation sales tips that will help keep you positive and give you the winning attitude needed to succeed. 

Motivational Sales Tips: 19 Tips to Keep Your Salespeople Happily

It is obvious that motivated salespeople are happier with their work and do a better job. This leads to a healthier bottom line. This article will provide you with motivational sales tips that actually work.

This does not mean that you have to laugh all day. What is the best way to make employees happy at work? You can expect to be high-moraled by taking longer vacations.

Although it can seem impossible to be happy at work, there are practical steps you can take to make it possible.

Here are 19 ways you can motivate and keep your salespeople satisfied. These articles are based on articles published in Entrepreneur Magazine, Fortune Business Insider and Fast Company.


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1. Instead of focusing on results, focus on key sales activities

It can be stressful to focus on sales results only. This is especially true when you consider that sales managers and salespeople can influence but not control sales results.

You have the ability to control inputs that have the greatest positive effects on your goals, namely your activities.

You can, for example, control whether you make a sales phone call and how much you talk on the call. However, the prospect is ultimately free to decide if they want to buy or not.

Sales Motivation Tip Encourage your sales team to build their schedule around key sales activities. The ends will come if you focus on the means.

2. Public displays of appreciation

Happiness on the job depends on how much you feel appreciated for your work. Click To Tweet

Many articles (for example, Canadian Business and Fortune, Business Insider), highlight appreciation as a cornerstone in any organizational strategy to promote motivation at work.

Sales Tips These are some quick tips to show your sales staff that you care.

  • Celebrate the little milestones as well as the big ones.
  • Make sure to give compliments.
  • Tell your employees that you trust them. Then, show employees that you trust them.
  • To encourage transparency and openness, you should have an open door policy
  • “Thank You” is the phrase that everyone loves to hear.
  • Each month, there is an appreciation day for the standout employee who doesn’t necessarily have the month’s best sales.
  • Give “appreciation awards.”

3. Set a destination, not a path

Bhavin Parikh is the CEO of a test preparation firm. He says that employees love feeling ownership and it’s important to give them that sense.

Sales Motivation Tip –You can “Set a Destination” (the goal) for your salespeople, but trust them to “Find the Path” (to determine what work is required to achieve the goal).

4. The line between bosses and employees should be blurred

Parikh and Stefanie Daneau agree that ownership is a key factor in employee happiness.

She writes in Entrepreneur and shares some wise advice for leaders: Share.

In particular, when a new project is initiated, a new leader (not the manager), should take primary responsibility. Daneau believes that giving each member of the team a chance to drive builds ownership and team spirit.

Sales Motivation Tip What responsibilities can you delegate to your sales team? Another way to look at it is: What tasks can be delegated that will motivate your team members?

5. If efficiency is not tied to meaning, question it

Barry Schwartz, a New York Times reporter, examines how companies strive for efficiency, which, on the surface should make workers more productive.

However, employees may feel less satisfied with their jobs if they are subject to routinization and division of labor. This is a trade-off that is often overlooked. Efficiency and ultimately greater profits can come at the expense of employee happiness.

Sales Motivation Tip Avoid monotonous, repetitive work. If you find it, do your best to make it interesting, challenging, and engaging.


6. Autonomy

Karl Staib believes that many people don’t realize how much autonomy they have in their jobs. Staib, the author of Work Happy Now, suggests that it is as simple as it is brilliant.

Inform employees regarding the autonomy they already have.

Sales Motivation Tip Which freedoms are your salespeople missing?


7. Interconnectedness

Jayson Marwaha, Quartz, says that Medicare began using patient satisfaction surveys results to determine how much money it would pay hospitals. Although hospitals saw improvements in patient experience, this change did not make nurses happier.

Marwaha’s article discusses how happy caregivers can create a happier environment for patients. It is a powerful example of the link between happiness and happiness. We shouldn’t ignore the importance of another group’s happiness.

Harris Poll conducted a survey on behalf Spherion, a recruitment and staffing company. It revealed that 60% of workers feel happier when they see their coworkers happy at work.

Sales Motivation Tip Your sales team should not be solely focused on the happiness of your clients. Your client experience will be positively affected if your team is focused on each other’s happiness. Spherion stated that happiness “brushes off onto other people.”

8. Overdeliver

James Altucher, author of books on wealth, success and happiness, such as I Was blind But Now I See and How To Be The Luckiest Person Alive. He asked himself a great question via LinkedIn: “Why does overdelivering make me happier and more productive?” His answer was equally impressive: “I don’t know.” It works .”

Altucher offers some insight on how to deliver more. Altucher suggests that we should not give people what they want, but instead give them what is rightfully theirs.

Sales Motivation Tip Do you sometimes feel like you’re being taken advantage of? Altucher suggests that a better approach to this problem is to turn it around and give what you can.

9. Transparency, honesty

Ryan Harwood, CEO at PureWow, believes that transparency and honesty are key to happiness. He gives Fortune as an example of management making big decisions or implementing new policies.

Although some staff may not agree with the policy or decision, they will respect it more if the manager explains why.


Sales Motivation Tip – Have you made major changes in the way that sales are conducted recently? Did you get buy-in from your sales team and a feeling that they understood the reason behind the change?

10. Good old-fashioned happiness interventions such as chocolate…

In recent experiments, a research team called happiness interventions and short-run happiness shocks. These experiments were conducted by three University of Warwick researchers. They tested whether they could “induce joy” in subjects.

They found a correlation between happiness, performance, and happiness. They discovered that happier employees are 12% more productive than the average.


Sales Motivation Tip We wouldn’t recommend using these findings to justify stocking the office with Hershey’s Kisses or M&Ms, nor letting staff spend an hour each day on YouTube. If it’s for a greater cause, then so be it.

11. Show me the money

Can money buy happiness?

Many workplace gurus praise non-financial drivers for employee happiness. However, a regular paycheck motivates a large portion of employees.

According to three recent surveys conducted by SAP, Spherion and the Society for Human Resource Management, the No. Compensation is the number one motivator for employees and makes them happy.

12. Show me the benefits

Jada A. Graves, Business Insider, explains that it’s not about your salary.

Even if each of your salespeople is making six figures, there will be times in their careers where nothing matters as much to them as the benefits your company offers. These include vacation time, nutrition counseling and child care assistance. Employee discounts are also available.

Graves cites a MetLife survey on benefits and says that employees who are satisfied about their benefits are twice as likely be satisfied with work.

Sales Motivation Tip What are the benefits you offer your sales team that is beyond what the market has to offer?

13. Don’t worry about money or benefits. Just show me your gratitude

Maybe pay and perks don’t have to be the end-all and be-all.

Laura Troyani, marketing director at TINYpulse, explains that a company does not have to compete with other companies in terms of benefits and money. She also says that how employees are treated on a regular basis — such as positive workplace interactions — is a key factor in their happiness.

Troyani mentions in an Entrepreneur article that saying “Thank you” and explaining your gratitude go a long ways in improving employee perceptions about the workplace.

Sales Motivation TipGratitude is a key ingredient to happiness. Yet, how many of us are thanked enough for all the hard work we have put in? How many people, on the other hand?

14. There are fewer meetings and more breaks

In Forbes Dan Schawbel writes about what some salespeople are afraid of telling their colleagues: that some meetings are a waste.

Sometimes, we just have meetings for the sake. Schawbel supports fewer but more structured meetings. Schawbel also believes that companies should encourage employees to take more time off to network.

Sales Motivation Tip How many meetings are actually necessary?

15. Anyone up for a backyard barbecue?

Although we wouldn’t encourage interoffice romances at all, there is some truth to the idea that employees who play well together can be a great team. Jayson DeMers is the CEO of AudienceBloom internet marketing company, Entrepreneur. He believes that offsite social events are beneficial for employees as they can help with team building and improve office relationships.

Stefanie Daneau, another Entrepreneur author, writes that small perks like these can make a big difference in keeping morale high. She suggests surprising your team with a surprise breakfast or a trip to the restaurant. Sometimes the simplest and most insignificant things can have a profound impact.

Sales Motivation Tip What extracurricular activity can your sales team offer and charge as a team-building expense?

16. Disambiguate expectations

Uncertainty at work can be demoralizing and frustrating, especially when it comes down to expectations. Justin Bariso, Inc. magazine, shares one of those obvious tidbits that should not be mentioned. He explains why it is important to communicate clearly with employees what you expect.


Sales Motivation Tip Make sure to check in with your direct reports. Are they unclear about what you expect from them?


17. Know your sales team

Molly Owens, CEO at Truity, which links ideal career paths with personality types, offers a simple way to keep employees happy: to learn more about them.

Owens recommends that you take the time and learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your employees as a new employee. She cites a 2015 survey from the Values in Action Institute that shows this is linked to a more engaged and energized workforce.

18. Happiness maps and intentionality

You can map your happiness to increase awareness of your happiness levels. Click To Tweet

Karl Staib believes happiness at work can be difficult.

He suggests that you write down the actions that bring you those emotions. The document should be pinned to a place where you will see it often, like a cubicle wall.

Motivation Tip If you feel unhappy, you can reassess and refocus your happiness map on what makes you happy.


19. Get together to sweat

Ariana Ayu is the CEO of Ayutopia International, a branding company. She states in Inc. magazine that employees should not only be encouraged to get away from their desks, but also encouraged to go to the gym with them. Exercise together can improve morale and help co-workers to get to know one another better.

Motivation Tip for Sales: Most people don’t want their coworkers to do yoga or lift weights. If your salespeople find exercising together impossible, you might consider getting their gym memberships.


When it comes to sales motivation tips, happiness is important. Transitioning your team to focus on activities that drive sales forward or teaching your team about how to manage customers, you need to consider happiness.

A workplace that encourages happiness will increase productivity and revenue and create a vibrant culture where coworkers look forward to coming work every day. It is important to instill these motivation sales tips into the work culture of your company.

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