A Guide on How People Got Traction for a SaaS Product

Building a SaaS product can be an incredibly time-consuming and expensive process. But, now that it’s finished, you may wonder what the next step is. Let’s know more about how others got traction for a SaaS product.

You might be wondering how others got traction for a SaaS product. There are many customer acquisition channels you can use, but they all require time and effort on your part. Blogposts may work well early in the game when people are still discovering you or during a blog post campaign if it is tied into an event like a webinar series launch.

Our SaaS product is ready to launch in the market, but it has not been as successful as hoped.

This article will discuss how you got traction for a SaaS product out there and what channels you can use.

got traction

What are you looking for when you know how others got traction? Are you hoping that 100 people will pay for your product, or do you want 1000 downloads of a SaaS app (free or paid)? You might even be building some initial traction to get seed money and start growing the market. So, how do others get traction for SaaS products?


Here’s how others got their SaaS product noticed

got traction

Invest in Paid Advertising

The most obvious way to build traction for your SaaS product is by using paid advertising. If you have a lot of capital, it’s worth exploring this option.

There are two types of paid advertisement: conventional advertising and digital.

Why is it necessary to employ traditional advertising?

Conventional advertising is traditional media like TV, print ads, and radio. It’s used for building traction with a SaaS product because it can be expensive.

Conventional advertising is often the fastest way to reach a large audience, but you have to be careful. Uber, Airlift, and Airbnb are just three examples of companies with conventional ads when they first started in new markets.

Why do you need to use Digital advertising?

If you are at the beginning stages of a SaaS product, then it’s recommended to try digital advertising.

The goal of digital advertising is to get someone’s attention, either by generating a trial or performing some other CTA (Call-to-Action) like downloading an app. Digital ads are found on Facebook and Google Ads but also in apps.

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You can use this to your advantage by paying for digital ads with a call-to-action designed to promote SaaS products.

Offer a free version of your SaaS Product.

Offering a free version of your product is one way to build traction for it. People love getting free things.

Giving your customers a free trial of the product lowers their initial hesitation to purchase it. This is because when they are given an opportunity, they are more likely to try out the software than if you had not offered them that chance.

Customers’ trial periods are a great way to get them interested in the product.

Giving your customers a free trial of your SaaS product is an excellent way to get them hooked on the service. But, they may not be ready for all that you have to offer, so it’s essential to give them only what they need during their time with the program service.

Grammarly offers a free account and essential accuracy to everyone, but they offer premium features for an extra fee. They’ve seen success because their customers know it’s worth the price.

When customers are happy with your SaaS product, they will likely recommend it to their friends. This strategy of getting traction for a Saas product comes next.

Make a program where people can refer their friends.

Try Airbnb, PayPal, and Dropbox. These services offer a referral program to help grow their customer base. Referral programs are more effective for SaaS products because it can be difficult or impossible to sell software without an established audience.

A SaaS referral program is a great way to make your customer happy and expand your business. A well-run referral campaign will engage the existing customers to generate new sales.

Referral marketing is cheaper than paid ads because the cost only kicks in when someone successfully refers your product. This means that you are rewarding both the referee and referrer, which builds reliable traction for your SaaS.

Participate in discussion groups and forums.

There are many forums on the internet, from famous ones like Reddit and Quora to lesser-known sites. These communities allow users to find answers and share their knowledge with others.

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For example, if you offer digital graphics software for designers, join the graphic designer’s group.

Canva can offer solutions to graphic designers’ problems by tapping into the best forums groups on Reddit and Facebook.

Using blogs or podcasts to build an audience is a great way to start.

To have a successful SaaS product, you need an audience that believes in your vision and knows the benefits of what it can do. The best way to start is by creating content to understand how great the product is.

Robinhood, the stock-trading and investing app, uses YouTube to create fun content for its audience. This is an excellent example of video marketing because it allows people who might not be interested in stocks or trading to get information still.

They are starting to use video article content on Medium and other platforms. They also have created a podcast or Facebook group.

It would help if you chose which platform will allow your SaaS product the best chance for success and build momentum.

Content and SEO should not be overlooked.

Creating content for your SaaS product is a great way to build SEO rankings, but it takes time and patience. Start by building up the blog on your website before launching to have a better chance of being found.

When finding the correct type of content for your website, try using Google Keywords. You can see what people want and need when they search on google to know how to create more informative posts.

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Continue to send emails.

When you’re first starting, it’s essential to build your email list. This is one of the oldest and most effective ways of getting traction for a SaaS product.

Send regular emails to your valuable customers. This will keep them interested in what you have to offer, and they won’t unsubscribe from your email because of the updates.

Use public relations or an influencer.

You may be tempted to choose a celebrity or an influencer that is trending at the moment, but you should consider your audience and who they are following. If it’s not someone in their niche, there will likely be little engagement on social media.

Instead of choosing someone with a broad audience, try to find influencers that align more closely with your target market. For example, if you have an app for self-employed people in the construction industry and are looking for YouTube influencers – Unbox Therapy or MKBHD is great because their audiences will be more likely to engage with this type of product.

Upload videos to YouTube, TikTok, and other video platforms.

A SaaS company should create short videos about its product and add humor.

If your SaaS product has a feature that allows users to do something productive, show it entertainingly. For example, you could make videos on YouTube showing how much easier it is with your app than other similar apps.

The way to get your video seen is by using the same strategy as you would for any other business: make sure it’s on all platforms. Ensure that if there are people who want more information, they can find it through reliable hosting.

In Sum

You can try different ways to promote your SaaS product and grow traction, but not every channel will be right for you.

To see how other people got traction for their SaaS product, you need a marketing strategy that tests channels and has patience.

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