How to Choose the Best B2B Data Providers for Your Needs

February 1, 2022

There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the best b2b data provider. What kind of data do you need? There are many types of b2b data providers, so make sure to choose the one that provides the information you need.

Top 25 B2B Data Providers. B2B List Sellers

Knock! Knock! There is no answer.

Are you satisfied with the quality of your marketing data? Are you one of those companies with a lot of B2B data but not enough to meet its sales, lead generation, and revenue targets. To improve the return on your marketing dollars, it would be a good idea for you to review your B2B data acquisition/sourcing methods.

You will not solve your problem if you have a lot of data. Data must be current, relevant, clean, and up-to-date. Your data can be subject to decay at a rate of 30% to 5% per year and as high as 30% to 30% each month. Harvard Business Review reports that only 3 percent have data that meets basic quality standards.

According to KPMG’s 2017 Global CEO Perspective, 45% of CEOs believe that poor quality data hinders customer insight. 56% of CEOs are concerned with the validity and integrity of the data upon which they base decisions.

Where can most sales and marketing agencies find the most accurate and relevant data?

To help you find data you can trust, here’s a 25 list of B2B data providers

b2b data providers

#1 Slintel

Slintel is a B2B data provider that is active in the midmarket segment. Syntel offers accurate, ethically sourced, and freshly curated data for people, companies, and technology stacks.

Here are some helpful insights about Slintel

  • 15M+ Companies tracked
  • 250M+ leads
  • 25k+ unique technologies
  • Historical data – 3 years
  • Subscription – Annual, usage-based

Slintel’s data for B2B can help you find your next client. It provides you with the most up-to-date information. This will allow you to better understand the preferences and pain points of your prospects. Slintel’s data on B2B can help you identify your competitors and pitch them to customers, especially those who have due for renewals. Slintel’s customers are IBM, Freshworks, Asurit, Allegis TATA and Google.

To know more about Sintel and various solutions, visit https://www.slintel.com/

b2b data providers

#2 EMM (Every Market Media)

EMM is an email-centric data consultant and compiler for B2B data services. Customers can increase their ROI on their marketing and sales spending by using their core databases which include Global Executives, Business Executives, and Global Businesses (B2B).

EMM’s B2B Database :

  • 60.9M Business executives with email addresses and phone numbers
  • 72.2M Business executives with at least one deliverable Email
  • 580M Unique consumer emails
  • 298M Unique business emails
  • Subscription – Annual, usage-based
  • Historical data – 5 years

EMM’s B2B database and consultancy services allow customers to achieve higher open rate for email marketing campaigns, increase sales, establish a quality data supply chain, and achieve higher open rates.

For more information on EMM, visit https://www.everymarketmedia.com/

b2b data providers


#3  Infotelligent

Infotelligent is the most widely used “Target Buyer & Go to Market Intelligence” SaaS platform. It was created by former sales reps and experienced marketers who wanted to fill in the gaps left by current prospecting tools, database, as well as other services.

Infotelligent’s SaaS platform and B2B database, and B2B databanks, can help you increase your qualified leads, increase win rates and reduce sales cycles.

Infotelligent offers reliable, accurate and clean data. After the data has been processed, it is sampled to find any inaccuracies. They are then corrected by 400+ data quality experts via internet and phone.

Here are some insights into the Infotelligent B2B databases:

  • 20M+ buyers
  • 1.6M companies
  • Tracks 7,500+ technology products
  • Flexible subscriptions and unlimited plans
  • Flexible pricing and affordable pricing You only pay for what you use

Bombora is used by Infotelligent to analyze online behavior. Infotelligent provides this service for free, unlike other B2B information providers. They offer a powerful intent platform that can accurately predict buying intent and help you to improve your competitive displacement campaign.

Infotelligent customers include Microsoft and Kaspersky.

Customer quote

“We have seen a 271% increase in our ROI for display/paid Social when we combine Bombora Company Surge(r), 1st-party data through several other providers. “

Salesforce’s Head for Demand Generation and Paid Digital is Ben Howell.

Infotelligent seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zoho to help users get more done from day one.

To know more and grow more, book a demo by visiting https://infotelligent.com

b2b data providers

#4 AnalyticsIQ

AnalyticsIQ combines cognitive psychology concepts and data science insights to provide accurate marketing data that can make a significant impact on businesses.

Here are some details about AnalyticsIQ’s business core database.

  • 60M Professionals
  • 22M Businesses

AnalyticsIQ has expanded beyond traditional cold-calling to include email marketing and digital platforms.

To know more, visit https://analytics-iq.com

b2b data providers

#5  LeadSpace

LeadSpace is a leader within the vast B2B market. It uses AI to understand customer preferences and behavior and provides clients with personalized sales and marketing data. Conversions are increased by the AI generated intent score.

The LeadSpace CDP is compatible with any 1st- or 2nd-party B2B data source. This allows you to integrate with existing systems.

LeadSpace customers include N3, Salesforce.com, Oracle.com, IBM. Microsoft. N3, N3.

For inquiries, visit https://www.leadspace.com/solutions/data-management.

b2b data providers

#6  HyenaFox LLC

HyenaFox can be found in 83 countries, which includes the USA. HyenaFox is a trusted provider of B2B database, such a Business Email Lists and Email Marketing Databases.

Here are some details on HyenaFox databases

  • 11M businesses
  • Data verified by more than 250 researchers
  • Guaranteed delivery of 85%-90% for all campaigns
  • Geographical spread in 83 Countries
  • Industry-wise database

To know more about products and services, visit https://www.hyenafox.com/contact-us

b2b data providers

#7 InfotanksMedia

Infotanks Media offers the best B2B marketing strategies and databases, as well as high-quality data to support digital marketing campaigns. The B2B data generates 6x the ROI of B2B database, which are fully validated. This results in maximum conversions.

It has been proven that 40% of data is lost each year and 3% to 5 percent each month. Infotanks Media uses AI for data verification. This ensures the highest accuracy.

Here are some highlights

  • 95% email deliverability
  • 95% accuracy
  • Choice of 15+ data fields

For more information on how you can maximize your ROI, visit https://www.infotanksmedia.com.

b2b data providers

#8  LeadsIntel

LeadsIntel is a Sales Booster(tm), company that serves clients around the world. LeadsIntel offers 100% accurate buyer intent data which will make your sales and marketing efforts highly profitable. The company regularly cleans data with a combination of highly sophisticated Machine Learning Algorithms, Human Intelligence, to produce highly filtered data that will increase sales close rates.

LeadsIntel offers customized research services if you are looking to target a specific market. Customers can therefore make 2x as many appointments with potential buyers.

More details can be found at https://leadsintel.io.

b2b data providers

#9 Krill Technology

Krill Technologies is a global outsource company that provides B2B data to technology companies that use traditional and digital marketing strategies. Krill is an expert in PPC, email, and SEO. Krill offers a variety of services, including B2B Content Syndication, Lead and Demand Generation and Account Based Marketing, Audience Research, Market Research, B2B Data Service, and Account Based Marketing.

Quick facts:

  • 8M+ target audience
  • 27M B2B records
  • 60%+ Email Deliverability
  • More than 10 business verticals
  • Geographic reach across four continents

To know more about how Krill Technologies can help you, visit https://www.krilltech.com.

b2b data providers

#10 DataForce

DataForce is focused on adding value to your business through the efficient use of technology. B2B products are extremely popular in the retail, banking and telco industries. Top brands’ C-level executives highly recommend the company.

Vectra, Play, and Eurocash are just some of the clients.

Dataforce offers some insights

  • 4.8% Revenue growth from retail personalized offers
  • 200% higher success rates with x-sells to telcos
  • 5x more efficient marketing staff at a telco

To avail of Dataforce expertise, visit https://dataforce.com.ai

b2b data providers

#11 is aKQired

The company offers a global real-time B2B Televerified database that includes all industries. It also comes with a delivery guarantee. They also provide accurate and reliable email marketing lists.

Here are some insights from their data:

  • 1K Contacts/Day
  • Five years of historical data
  • 100% verified Email and Phone Numbers

Citrix, Microsoft, and Dell are just a handful of companies that have used aKQired’s services to get B2B data.

Team aKQired can be contacted at https://www.akqired.com/contact.html.

#12 Global Database

Global Database is an online platform that provides B2B data. Global Database’s integrated workflow systems and comprehensive platform provide rich, accurate information about business leads, financial information for companies, credit risk and technology used in companies.

Its data, solutions and reputation are trusted and admired by thousands of people, including finance and sales professionals at market-leading companies such as Maserati, Cisco, Maserati, and Dupont.

Take a look at the B2B database of companies:

  • 95 Countries
  • 18M company profiles
  • 64M Contacts

To contact Global Database, visit https://ie.globaldatabase.com.

#13 Outward Media (OMI)

OutwardMedia is a leader for multichannel marketing data. OutwardMedia’s B2B data is used by Fortune 1000 companies to start-ups from a variety industries to help them accelerate their digital marketing efforts. Their strengths include email marketing and social media.

OMI also provides a comprehensive B2B database that can be accessed easily by 60 million users.

OMI uses audience building and IP address tracking to enable precise targeting of customers. OMI also offers database cleaning services of professional quality.

Database/service stats:

  • Contacts by email: 67M+
  • 15M companies
  • 50M SMB contacts
  • 4M IP addresses

To know more about OMI’s data and services, visit https://outwardmedia.com.

b2b data providers

#4 Datonics

Datonics is a leading publisher and aggregator of B2B data. The B2B data is refined according to purchase intent, search data, behavior, demographics, and location visitor. To create the 1500+ pre-packaged segments, past-purchase data is also used. Brands, agencies and ecommerce merchants are the largest buyers of Datonics’ data.

Database/service stats:

  • 1.5K+ audience segments
  • More than 10 years of experience
  • North American users receive 90% coverage

You may contact Datonics at https://www.datonics.com.

#15 Data Marketers

The Data Marketers Group is a trusted source of reliable B2B data that supports lead creation, data accuracy, account-based marketing, and aligns with sales and marketing goals.


  • 50M Business Contacts
  • 100+ Market Researchers
  • Client retention rate of 55%
  • 400+ Customers

The company offers mailing lists to niche markets such as healthcare, finance, technology and international markets. Among others, the company has clients such as Comcast, Rockwell International, and Office Depot.

The company can be contacted at https://www.datamarketersgroup.com.

#16 TrueInfluence

TrueInfluence is a provider of B2B data. It provides data on demographic, technographic, and firmographic data. The company uses machine-learning, AI, and natural language analysis for mapping intent activity to their taxonomy. This includes more than 6,500 subjects.

New topics can be added based on client requests. TrueInfluence is available in more than 160 countries and caters to almost every industry segment. TrueInfluence customers include AWS and Adobe, VMware, Staples, Veritas, SAP, and Staples.

To know how you can benefit from TrueInfluence’s expertise, visit https://trueinfluence.com.

b2b data providers

#17 Thomson Data

Thomson Data is a trusted provider of B2B data solutions for many industries. It offers location targeting, demographic targeting and social media integration.

The clients range from 200+ SMB customers to Fortune 500 companies such as Reuters, Oracle, IBM, Experian, Panasonic, Taurus, and many others.

To get in touch with Thomson Data, visit https://www.thomsondata.com.

#18 RAMPEDUP Global Data Solutions

RampedUp has over 30 years of experience in MarTech, and is present on three continents. Their global database will help find the right buyer for your market. You don’t need to pay extra for records you already have.


  • 500M Professional Data
  • 110M Consumer Data
  • 50M Company Data

RampedUp can also be reached at https://rampedup.io

#19 Informationdepots

Infodepots provides B2B data services to businesses to improve their marketing efforts. InfoDepots’ 160+ data experts uncover business intelligence using data from around the world, in different industries and locations.

Infodepots offers multichannel advertising solutions including email, direct mail, and social media. You can also source Technology Users Lists and Decision-Makers Lists as well as Healthcare Industry Lists and Industry-wise Data Lists.

For more details, feel free to contact Infodepots at https://www.infodepots.com

b2b data providers

#20  Prominent Contact

Prominent Contact is a B2B data provider in Europe and the USA that offers high-precision. It is a company of high quality. The company provides B2B marketing data as well as industry insights.

The company also uses AI for a 360-degree view to the customer.

You can gain more knowledge on the company by visiting https://prominentcontact.com.

#21  180byTwo

180byTwo is a leading B2B data provider and can help you increase your company’s sales. It makes use of its extensive inventory in Intent and Account-Based data. B2C, B2B. POI. You can use behavioral data and demographic data to help you identify complex audiences, and connect with them.

Visit https://180bytwo.com to learn more about how 180byTwo may be able to help you.


Our B2B Intelligence provides a 360-degree view of your target market, with accurate and reliable information. The B2B Database is compiled using various sources and updated each week with new US data. Custom blackbox analytics can also improve the reach and precision of your target market.

Here are some insights into BIGDBM

  • 360M active email with verification of postal address
  • 143M IPs attached to postal addresses
  • 109M unique IPs attached a cell number
  • Verified Mobile Identities for 340M

To use services from BIGDBM, visit https://www.bigdbm.com.

b2b data providers

#23 Cloudlead

Cloudlead provides B2B contact and account data. It offers a high match rate, as well as validity. It provides insight into demographic, technographic, and firmographic information that will help you maximize your sales and marketing dollars. It provides rich insights such as hiring activity, technology usage, funding status and so forth.

The company also offers social insights to assist with social prospecting in today’s digitalized world.

To know more, visit https://cloudlead.co.

#24 DataStream Group

Datastream Group offers a full range of data products that can be used in both B2C and B2B markets. The company offers internet advertising data, including mobile location data, hashed cookies, opt-in email lists, list brokerage, data analysis and management, and opt-in emails.

Opt-in consumer data is one of the most comprehensive, accurate, and varied industry databases. It contains 60 million households and 270 million consumers.

Datastream B2B is the largest B2B database.

Some Datastream B2B insights

  • 33M Companies
  • 105M Contacts/Employees
  • 92M emails
  • 74M phones

It is updated on a monthly schedule to ensure accuracy and up-to-dateness.

To know more, visit https://datastreamgroup.com.

#25 Salutary Data

Salutary Data is a small supplier of US B2B contact data. It provides data enrichment, verification, and ABM append services. The company serves Phone and Email Lead Generation Companies, as well as Business Intelligence Companies and B2B Publishers and B2B sales companies.

Here are some insights from their data:

  • 45M customers
  • 26M direct dials and mobile phone numbers
  • 100% Email fill-rate
  • Verification of quarterly data

To know more about Salutary Data, visit https://salutarydata.com/our-customers.


The pandemic has completely changed the way companies work. The importance of high-quality data is essential for B2B transactions, which is why you need one of these top b2b data providers.

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