Conversational Platforms and It’s Gaining Popularity

Conversational platforms are quickly gaining popularity. Market size for this type of service is exploding and will continue thanks to increased demand for these services and advanced capabilities.

In order to stay competitive or even just keep your business afloat, you will soon need to consider implementing an automated platform for many of the redundant processes in your business.

To make an informed decision, you need to learn more about the benefits of using AI conversational platforms. For example, it can improve customer service and provide valuable insights.

AI Conversational platforms are a group of technologies that makes it possible for computers to generate responses in human language, making the user feel like they are talking with another person.


This software provides a variety of ways for customers to communicate with your brand. They can use chatbots, virtual assistants, and messaging apps in an AI-powered way that feels personal but also natural.

Artificial intelligence needs to be able to analyze conversations in real-time, and it has to integrate with all the data resources on your business so that its insights can turn into actionable information.

AI is capable of much more than chatbots, as it not only understands the context and sentiment behind messages but also adapts to individual needs. Conversational platforms rely on NLP so that conversations are personalized for each consumer.

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Conversational Platforms improve through time and become smarter as a result of their interactions with customers.

The goal of conversational platforms is to offer a seamless experience for customers without the need for human customer support.

Apart from automating customer interactions, AI conversational platforms have another superpower- they can handle multiple customers at once.

Why is Conversational AI Platforms Good for You?

If you’re still unsure about the impact conversational platforms could have on your business, here are some reasons to try it out.

Conversational AI platforms are all about making sure that your customers feel satisfied and never think of switching to the competition.


1. Work Around the Clock

With the rise of technology, customers have higher expectations.

If you want to keep your customers, it is important that they are able to contact customer service representatives 247. If someone visits an e-shop and needs information about a product or service, then the website should be easily navigable so that questions can be answered quickly.

Conversational AI can help meet the needs of customers who are most in need, even when you’re not at work.

2. Reduce the amount of time spent waiting

We all care about our time. When we have to deal with holding music or repeating the same problem over and over, it’s a big waste of our valuable minutes, something that many people find unacceptable.

A conversational AI platform can reduce waiting times and also save money by not having to hire additional service reps. The system will respond immediately, but if the issue is too complex for them they will transfer it over to a human co-worker with all of the relevant data so that repetition doesn’t happen.

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This is why it’s important for you as a business owner to ensure that both of these groups have their needs met.

3. Omni-channel

Customers are accustomed to using many different channels of communication with their friends, families, and colleagues. Communicating in the same way with brands they like or companies that provide them goods and services would seem natural.

Conversational AI is around and your customers can choose to start their interaction with you on Facebook, Viber, or Alexa.

Providing for their needs, right?

4. Hyper-personalized

We’ve already mentioned that AI interaction is personalized, but it needs to be stressed.

AI can collect data on customers by following them through the customer journey, analyzing their actions and interactions with your brand. This information is then used to optimize marketing efforts.

It is so much easier for an automated customer support rep to search and retrieve data. They can also generate the most appropriate action without any human emotion involved.

In the article, they mention that there are certain things an AI cannot do and human reps will be needed for.

Implementing a conversational platform can help your business to grow by providing excellent customer service.

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