How to Shorten Your Company’s Long Sales Cycle

March 11, 2022

Is your company struggling with a long sales cycle? A long sales cycle can be frustrating and costly, but there are things you can do to shorten it.

In this post, we’ll discuss the factors that contribute to a lengthy buying process and offer tips for dealing with them. We’ll also provide strategies for staying motivated during a protracted sale and closing the deal faster.

Each company has its own products, services, and target audience. Every company also has a different sales process. These factors can have a significant impact on your company’s sales cycle. The buying process for groceries is quite different from the one for business software.


Your company’s sales and marketing teams can greatly improve their results by using a software management tool to track potential and current clients as they travel the buyer’s journey. To get the best results, you need to understand the differences between short and long sales cycles.

These are some basics that you need to know about this important aspect in the business world.

What is a long sales cycle?

Clients may wait for weeks or even months depending on the length of a sales cycle. This is especially true for customers who purchase software programs that are expensive. They are investing in a long-term solution for their company.

Potential clients will want information about features, reviews, and to ask questions of your sales staff before making a purchase. Software sales cycles can be long and include trial periods that allow potential customers the opportunity to try the product before making a purchase.

Sales reps need to establish good working relationships with potential clients throughout their long sales cycle. Salespeople spend more time getting to know customers, answering questions, and providing information about their products. Clients may not have the same deadlines as salespeople, so there is more flexibility.

This allows salespeople more flexibility to tailor their sales approach to each client’s specific needs.

Longer sales cycles come with their own challenges. It is difficult to track customer interactions and their position in your sales funnel. Without the right software, it is easy to let potential lucrative clients slip by the cracks.

Salespeople might need to schedule follow-up meetings to answer questions or confirm sales.


What is a short sales cycle?

Even though sales cycles are short, they still aim to establish a relationship with customers. However, depending on the product or service and the target customer, it may be easier to make a decision if there is less information. Clients who are not required to alter their workflow or have lower prices tend to have shorter sales cycles.

This is because the client may not feel as invested.

It can help speed up your company’s sale cycle. Time is money. Your team will be able to get potential customers through the sales funnel faster, which will increase the time it takes to reach out to them and sell to them. If you reach out to more potential clients, your company will see significant sales growth and greater sales opportunities.


Even though you have a shorter sales cycle, it is still difficult to track and monitor your clients. There are more data points to track, as customers become more frequent. A lost client could mean a missed sales opportunity, as customers make quick decisions.

Software such as Pardot Marketing Automation Software will allow you to automate many important elements of your process, including customer tracking. This will increase your efficiency.


No matter how long or short your company’s sales cycle is, one thing’s certain: you need an effective way to track your sales information. You will be more profitable if you monitor and improve your sales cycle.

Sales cycles can be long for a variety of reasons, but there are things you can do to shorten them. By understanding the factors that contribute to a long sales cycle, you can take steps to address them and close deals more quickly.

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