Team Building Sales Activities Fun and Effective

If you manage a sales team, then you know how important it is to build teamwork and comradery. After all, a strong team will be more likely to close deals and reach their quotas. But what are the best ways to go about building that teamwork? There are lots of different options for fun and effective team building sales activities but not all of them will be effective for every team. It really depends on the group dynamic and what kinds of things they respond well to.

Team Building Sales Activities: Essential to Success

When it comes to sales, fun and effective team building is essential to success. By building a strong sales team, businesses can increase their chances of achieving their sales goals. The success of your sales reps depends on the strength of your entire team.

Team building sales is an important aspect of reaching your goals. Luckily, there are tons of fun ways to build your team.

Here are a few team-building activities that will help your salespeople work together better:

Building Trust with Team Building Sales Activities

Working to build trust and a sense of teamwork between sales team members, particularly those with a history of conflict, will help build a cohesive sales team.

According to skills-training company mindtools.com, a team-building exercise known as “Minefield” can help sales reps learn to work together and trust each other, which is an important step when closing a deal.

A chair, box, or cone should be strategically placed in a large indoor or outside area, allowing a person to walk through the open space.

Get some of your co-workers together and have them each blindfold themselves. Then, have one of them walk through your office while the other one gives them directions on where to go.

Role Playing

One of the primary responsibilities of a sales department is to establish positive relationships with customers when pitching a product.

When sales reps role-play, they act as themselves while their colleagues take on the role of the customer. This forces the reps to practice their sales pitches and helps them learn to work with one another.

Basically, the “salespeople” try to sell a product while the “buyer” asks as many questions as they can about the product.

By asking each other questions, each group can bounce ideas off each other for answering common questions that customers ask.

Get-to-Know-You Games

Because sales representatives for different companies are often spread across different geographic territories, they don’t interact with each other face to face very often.

To get to know one another better, try playing a version of “To Tell The Truth” with your team.

This game is played by making up three statements about yourself, two of which are true and one of which is a lie. Then, everyone guesses which statement is the false one. This helps people get to know one another better.

Strategizing through Team Building Sales Activities

It’s important to always consider new strategies when pitching a product or service to a client. Team Building Leader suggests a fun exercise called the “egg drop” for sales teams to practice.

Divide the sales team into small groups and challenge them to build a protective case out of tape and straw that will prevent an egg from cracking when dropped from two stories up.

Each team is given $5,000 in mock money to purchase supplies. Each straw costs $250 and one inch of tape is $100.

The budget must be followed closely, so the team should plan out what to purchase before actually making the purchase.

How Do You Have Fun With Your Sales Team?

Fun and effective team building can be anything from a quick in-the-office activity to a complex full-day course. Some companies even hire “game designers” to run these sessions.

If you want your team to be a cohesive unit, it’s important that coworkers bond with each other. We’ve compiled a list of some great sales team activities ideas perfect for both small teams and larger groups alike.

Blind Retriever

The point of this game is to guide the blindfolded person to the finish.

To play this game, have everyone split into groups of two. Then, have one person from each team put on a blindfold. The other two players will then have to direct them by giving them specific instructions.

To make it more difficult, play with only 3 people on each team.

Group Juggle

Have your team form a circle. Then, have one person toss something – like a basketball or football – to each person in the circle.

If you’re looking for ways to challenge yourself and your team, why not try introducing new objects into the mix? Throwing in different shapes can add an element of surprise and fun!

Active Listener

In this exercise, you will insert random phrases that are completely unrelated to the topic.

For instance, “Did you know that we’re going on a team building retreat?” or “I ate some birthday cake while I was waiting for you, but please don’t tell anybody.” The players then have to guess if this statement belongs at any point in the presentation.

Pair Up

Have your employees stand back to back and then walk around as a pair. Then have everyone turn around so they’re facing their opposite number. Then, read the names on their backs.

This is a great way to get to know your co-workers better, or for new employees to learn about their new team!

Group Timeline

Group timelines help your team learn more about each other, and are also a great way to see how well your sales reps know their customers.

Each team is given a set of objects that don’t necessarily go together, such as toothpicks and thumbtacks, or wood and plastic toys.

Teams will be sorted by height, age, and length of time with the company. The winning team will get a prize, and everyone can learn from the losing team’s mistakes.

Office Trivia

Why not test your knowledge with some inside jokes and other random facts? There are many different ways to play, but the most popular is where everyone takes turns questioning each player (or team) in an attempt to get them right or wrong on their answer.

The person who gets the most questions right in a row wins! To make things more interesting, give the winner a bizarre prize such as stapler or paper clips. This will encourage people to keep playing next week!

Building Blocks

The building blocks card game is made up of 101 cards, which are split into these categories: personal, team, education and goals, hobbies, and random scenarios.

This is a great way to get to know your sales team on a more personal level and have some fun while doing it! You can use this game to bond with your team and build relationships that will last beyond the work day.

Circle of Appreciation

Have your team participate in an activity that helps them get to know each other better. Have them stand in a big circle and have each team member say something they admire about someone standing across from them or next to them.

After everyone says one thing they appreciated about the person on their left, have each person say what they appreciate about their partner.

This will create a positive environment where your salespeople feel respected and recognized.

Why is Team Building Sales Activities Important in Sales?

Fun and effective team building is important in sales because it allows salespeople to work together more effectively and efficiently. When salespeople can work together as a team, they can share information and resources more easily, which can lead to more sales and higher commissions.

Additionally, team building can help salespeople develop relationships with each other, which can make them more effective at selling to customers.

How Do You Have a Fun Sales Team?

Encourage friendly competition among team members. Organize fun activities or outings that the whole team can participate in.

Create an open and supportive environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas and working together. Recognize and reward individual and team achievements

Ultimately, the key to having a fun sales team is to create an environment where everyone enjoys working together and feels supported. By doing so, you can help foster a positive and productive sales force.

What Are The Main Types of Team Building Activities?

There are four main types of team-building activities: physical, mental, emotional, and social. Physical activities help team members bond through shared experiences and challenges.

Mental activities help team members learn to think creatively and solve problems together.

Emotional activities help team members understand and trust each other.

Social activities help team members build relationships and communication skills.


If you want to build a strong sales team, then consider incorporating some team building sales activities into your management strategy. From fun games to trust exercises, there are lots of great options out there. And don’t forget that many of these activities can be done virtually if needed. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next team-building activity today!

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