Ep. 10: Shortcuts to Building a $1M Software Business

September 7, 2022

Building Software: Every successful business starts with an idea. So you’ve identified a problem in the market and you’re working to develop a solution in the form of either a product or a service. What are the next steps? In this episode of Guaranteed to Grow, Patrick will recap the last nine episodes that cover the steps for building software business. He goes through the framework he has used to build several successful companies. If you missed any previous episodes, you have everything you need here. Let’s dive in! Join Patrick as he recaps nine episodes on building a successful software business. Learn the essential steps to turn your idea into a thriving product or service. Tune in and take your business to the next level! “Unlock the secrets of building a thriving software business with Patrick’s recap of nine crucial episodes. Get ready to transform your idea into a successful product or service with this comprehensive framework. Don’t miss out – dive in and elevate your business today! In this special episode of Guaranteed to Grow, Patrick distills the core principles from previous shows, guiding you through the process of nurturing your software business idea to fruition. Gain invaluable insights from his track record of building successful companies, ensuring you have all the tools for your entrepreneurial journey. Tune in now!

I know that entrepreneurship is extremely lonely at times, but I want you guys to know that you’re not alone. There’s an entire community out here of people that are building, just like you.

Patrick Parker

In This Episode: Building Software

– How to Validate Your Software Idea in 30 Days or Less

– Nailing Your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

– How to Build a Successful MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

– Building an Authentic Sales Organization

– How to Build a Winning Go-To-Market Strategy

– How to Build an Authority Engine Using Social Proof

– Leveraging the Power of Branding

– The UX Is Critical for Your Product

– Building an Award-Winning Customer Success Model

And more…

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