How to Create an Effective Outbound Dialing Campaign

If your sales team is in a slump and not making as many sales, you might want to look at how much time they spend on outbound dialing. Customers change over time so it’s important that their needs are met.

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Be Clear on the Campaign Goals 

In order to hire a salesperson, you need to first define what your goals are. Do you want them focused on generating more leads or would they be better off as customer success and support? You can generally tell if someone is outbound calling for one of two reasons.

  • Market research and sales calls are effective ways to generate leads.
  • With customer care, call your customers to make sure they are happy with their product and that the company is doing a good job. This also helps them feel like there’s someone on their side.

In order to motivate your team, you need to be able to tell them what they are working towards. Goals should also be specific so that everyone is on the same page and knows how their individual contributions contribute.

Along with the pay, you also have to make other decisions about how many calls your salespeople are allowed or expected to make in a day. How much time should they spend on customer support versus selling? And so forth.

Invest in a Reliable Outbound Calling Service

In order to do a successful outbound dialing campaign, you need reliable equipment and software. For this reason, it is necessary that your company use an outbound calling service

When looking for a provider, make sure that you look at the different outbound dialers available. Good phone service will have call quality and additional communication tools to help your team.

Virtual call dialers are the tool that usually comes in an app or browser extension and they can be used to make predictive calls with automation. Other providers offer a more manual version.

Ultimately, you want to choose a provider that will offer good value for your budget. Most providers give call forwarding options and IVRPBX capability with their packages.

For example, United World Telecom has developed a new plan that offers customers low-cost international calling on the weekends.

The cloud-based call recording service, CallRail (callrail.com), offers customizable caller ID when calling prospects.

Work Alongside the Marketing Department

It is important to have meetings between your marketing and sales teams because they are the ones that interact with customers.

Marketing works behind the scenes by influencing customer behavior. Click To Tweet

Marketing should be used to both find the right customers and keep them loyal. You can warm prospects up by providing information about your product, promoting it through digital marketing channels, etc.

When customers are on the fence about a purchase, it is up to your sales and customer support reps to use their expertise in order to make them feel confident enough for an investment.

Train and Retrain Your Agents

Agents need to be prepared before they are hired. They should have the proper training in sales tactics and also know how to use any software or technology that is needed for their job.

When hiring, make sure that they are knowledgeable about the field and industry of your company so that they can answer any questions. Click To Tweet

Consider using call recording software so that you can listen to their conversations and use them for training purposes. You may also want to take a look at the recordings if there are any performance issues.

If you reward salespeople for good behavior and give them constructive feedback, they will be more likely to improve.

Increase Calls Without Sacrificing Quality

The more people you are able to reach on the phone, the better your salespeople will do. This is because it’s easier for them to make new contacts and get in touch with potential customers.

When you are trying to retain customers, it is important that they enjoy interacting with your business. Here are some tips for building a good customer service strategy.

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