How to Drive Viral Growth For Your SaaS Company

If you’re a SaaS company, you want to boost viral growth. Great! Here are the things that will get customers talking about your product and sharing it with their friends.

The more customers you have, the better your chance of getting insights on reducing churn. The key is acquiring new ones! 

Viral growth is a major topic in the digital age. It has been proven that there are numerous approaches to product design, development, and positioning to be as likely to go viral as possible.

With the decrease in acquisition costs and increase in conversions, it is becoming more difficult to monetize online content. How do you create conditions for viral growth?

The Most Effective Viral Growth Strategies for SaaS Companies

In essence, viral marketing is when consumers share their messages with other consumers. This message may be about the brand and products.

Viral marketing is not just about emailing your entire contact list or setting up a social media account. It means customizing the way you market so that potential customers will want to share what they see with their friends.

If you execute it correctly and your campaign generates buzz, people are more likely to give false coverage. Powerful systems help convert impressions into prospects and email addresses, social media posts, or web traffic.

Audience comprehension

To get people to share your product, you need something to excite them. When designing a viral growth strategy, it is important to test the advantages of what they are promoting.

Advertisers and participants need to be clear about the benefits of their products. Price proposals that are too complicated will sabotage the transition.

Content is an important component of any marketing plan.

viral growth

For any content to go viral, it needs viewers. Sharing videos and pictures with friends is a great way for people to increase the number of views.

Consider the evolution of social media and sharing sites such as Youtube.

In a B2B marketplace, it is important to offer something of value in order to stay competitive. An example would be content or business tools from SlideShare.

Email is a great way to keep in touch with your customer base. It’s also good for notifying them about upcoming sales or special events.

One way to boost your SaaS’s virality is by creating a compelling offer. This will encourage customers to share it with their friends and colleagues.

Integration with the audience’s other ecosystems

For the strongest trigger, make sure that it is as light and easy to access as possible. You want your app contacts to be accessible without leaving the application.

It is best to integrate with email systems and APIs to make your product go viral. This will create a more seamless experience for the user.

Make sharing simple.

Rapportive and Yesware are prime examples of things with a wide reach among target audiences. The Google Voice and Chat functions in Gmail make it possible for users to communicate without sharing any personal information. This is because they are integrated into the email function.

Hackpad is an online collaborative editing tool that eliminates the need for a share button. Sharing documents naturally happens when you want to show something to others.

Now you don’t need to know the email address of your target audience. As soon as you start typing, a list will appear, and it is easy to share the document you want.

Utilize your current networks for new opportunities

viral growth

Users cannot be forced to share their activity on social media or via email. They have to do it themselves. It can, however, allow real-time sharing via user feeds.

Scoop allows you to automatically publish your content to eight different platforms, which is exactly what you need to do.

If you’re already a Clubhouse user, then this is great news. You can even become an influencer by posting on the platform!

The more personal the case, the less likely people are to share it. This is because many of us aren’t averse to passing along information from people in the networks we follow. 

Oftentimes passive sharing goes undetected, but users can exchange music, albums, and more manually. In general, this is a fantastic mix of active and passive sharing.

Look for more opportunities.

One of the most popular strategies for product promotion is “Powered by”. This strategy works like this: We place short links to our items on tour customers’ websites, and when they use them, their website will display a link back to us. 

Quoterolls is a tool that helps you organize and share quotes with others.

90% of active users are sending links to companyxyz.com, which is where they can find business partners.

“The results are evident without much work,” Quoteroller’s Sasha Kovalev spoke of the plan, which serves 5 to 7% of paying customers every month. That’s the point I’m trying to make. Every month, well-designed viral channels give customers minimal involvement.

Using fun elements

Trello has found a different way to motivate its users. They do not have paid features, but instead, they use a good design and an excellent user experience.

They offer a special background with stickers and customizable emoticons as an incentive to purchase the new card. You can also earn more memory for your account (Instead of 10MB per card, each card now has 250MB).

Allow your customers to endorse your product.

If you are looking for an additional way to motivate your sales team, look into our referral program. The stock’s quality is far more essential than how many referrals they have.

Consumers can be very demanding when it comes to invitations, so you should try and focus on the right people. Giving benefits will motivate them more than just inviting all of their friends.

Uber, for example, rewards you with $10 for each friend you suggest (maximum of 30 friends), as well as a free trip in one of Uber’s most significant drivers, as per available statistics.

Leverage referral marketing.

Referral marketing remains one of the most effective forms of advertising, and many older companies rely on it. The customer’s address book can be a powerful tool.

Referral programs are another way SaaS companies can attract customers, and this is a good way for brands to reward new sales.

The referral program is created to help you develop your business by leaps and bounds. It will continue attracting new customers as long as it’s successful.

Businesses that acquire new customers will grow. Referral programs can also help a business to grow through word of mouth.

The more people you have participating in your referral program, the higher chance of getting new referrals.

Engage with Influencers

Influencers in the SaaS industry can be found on LinkedIn or similar business-to-business social media networks. When you find them, reach out to them with a proposal that involves endorsing your products through their followers.

Building relationships with influencers might be difficult, but it’s worth the time. It can lead to increased brand awareness and audience engagement.

Influencer content is a great way to reach out and engage your potential customers. You can have the influencer review or discuss one of your products, or you could simply share their post with followers on social media after they’ve shared it.

One of the most underutilized viral growth strategies for SaaS products is cross-promotion.

Wrapping up!

Viral marketing is an excellent way to acquire new customers, and free users are an awesome way to start. It’s worth taking advantage of the opportunities that arise.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s dispel some of the most common misconceptions.

The other function of virality is to share information quickly. This idea is equally important in terms of design.

It’s not just a coincidence. It was designed this way.

When designing your app, do not make the user go through a long and arduous process to share. Find out what will motivate them and design flows that result in sharing.

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