How to Create an Ideal Customer Profile Template

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March 14, 2022

If you want to create a successful business, then you need to know who your ideal customers are. This article will help you create an ideal customer profile template so that you can better target your marketing efforts.

By knowing who your ideal customers are, you can design products and services that appeal to them specifically, and focus your marketing campaigns on reaching these individuals. Learn how to create ideal customer profile templates that will help you get more customers and increase your business revenue.

How to Create Ideal Customer Profile Templates

It’s time to stop believing that you can sell your product/software to anyone.

Inexperienced entrepreneurs and first-time agency owners often have the same target audience: “small- to medium-sized companies” or “people who are interested in [SEO], sales, social media].

This might sound fine at first. A wider audience means more sales.

This can lead to a lack of understanding and connection between your customers.

You must know who you are selling to if you want to make sales. Your audience’s needs, wants, and problems will be addressed.

This blog post will discuss the best way to identify and gather these features efficiently. We’ll also explore templates to help you get better customers: the customer profiles.

What’s a perfect customer profile?

A customer profile is a representation or the person or company for whom your product, service, software, or organization solves problems.

It’s basically a description of someone who would make a great fit for your product.

Customer profiles have many benefits and advantages.

  • Define your solution better. Your customers will have the answer if you are still trying to figure what your service does.
  • Reduce costs. Targeting better results in lower ad costs, higher open rates for e-mails, and less time spent convincing leads to try your product.
  • Better understand your market potential. Find new markets in your industry that aren’t being explored and reach customers who might be interested in your product or a variant thereof.

It is a good idea to create your ideal customer profile before you design your solution. However, it is not difficult.

Ideal customer profile vs. buyer persona

A buyer persona is not the ideal customer profile.

The difference between these two concepts is simple. A customer profile is a hypothetical customer account profile, while a buyer persona focuses more on learning about the actual person(s).

How can you create perfect customer profiles?

Simple: follow good templates. Let’s get started!

Ideal Customer Profile Templates

The ideal customer profile template is made up of four steps, divided into subsections by the use of questions.

These questions will help you to identify your ideal target audience.

Step 1 – External Attributes

1. What’s the company size?

Knowing the size of the company will help you understand the problems of your customers, and how to target them.

Example: Company X has 250 employees..

2. Where is the company located?

Depending on where your company is located, there may be more obstacles to selling your products and services or higher costs.

Example: Company Z has offices in both China, and the United States.


2 – The Problem

1. What problem are your trying to solve?

What is the problem facing your customer? Instead of describing a concrete problem, explain how it impacts your customer’s bottom line.

Example: The website of my customer has many translation problems that negatively impact their sales (visitors leave/lose faith).

2. How alert is the customer

Is your ideal client even aware that they have a problem?

Do you want to send them an email with the subject “SEO writing service” if they haven’t heard of it? No!

Customers who are not aware of the solution may also need to be informed.

Example The customer is familiarized with my solution, but their current provider makes many errors or has a lower product.

3. What technologies are they using?

Know your competitors. Know your competitors but, most importantly, who are your ideal clients?

This information will allow you to explain to potential clients the differences between your provider and their current one.

Example Although Lionbridge is used by the customer to translate their documents into English, this company does not offer quick turnarounds.

Step 3: Buyer Personas

  1. What is the title of your “contact person”? “?

Are you trying to sell to sales, marketing or HR? Understanding their buyer persona will make it easier to reach them.

Example My buyer is Chief Financial Officer at Company Z.

2. What is their education, gender, and age?

The more information you can get about your customer, the better.

It is important to learn about their past. This will help you make a decision on how to approach them and, if needed, to be more personal.

Example They’re 45 years old and have a Bachelor of Business Management Degree.

3. Which channels can you use for them?

It is obvious that they are on LinkedIn and Twitter. Recognizing their location is an important step in acquiring them.

Example My buyer persona can be found on LinkedIn and ProductHunt.


Step 4. – The Solution

  1. What can you do to help your customers?

This section can be initiated with a simple elevator pitch.

What is your business actually doing for the customers? Instead of saying, “We sell SEO services”, put the value or benefit at its core. If possible, be specific.

Example We help customers get more Google traffic.

2. What sets you apart from your competitor?

This particular competitor isn’t the best overall. Your company is better than company ABC at solving problem XYZ

Example While company ABC must manually update these translations, our translation app detects duplicate segments on your website and updates it with new translations.

3. How does your solution fit with their current goals?

This is something that can be difficult to grasp if you don’t have the opportunity to meet your ideal customers. It is an important trait to keep in mind.

Example The project management app has an automatic-scheduler that helps XYZ.com to manage its content marketing strategy.


Creating an ideal customer profile template is a great way to get to know your target market better. By knowing who your perfect customers are, you can design products and services that appeal to them specifically and focus your marketing campaigns on reaching these individuals.

Use those templates to create detailed profiles for your ideal customers, including their demographics, behaviors, needs and wants, goals, and objectives, and prioritization.

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