A Guide to The Best Image to Text Ai Converter

December 31, 2021

The trend of people preferring digital products to physical ones has led companies to rely on paper-based documentation less and switch over the OCR technology. The results are 100% accurate but not as time-saving or productive, so it’s better just for basic documentation needs. Let’s know more about the image text AI converter.

Optical Character Recognition is the conversion of paper records or fixed photos into editable PDFs. The software analyzes the document by scanning it and then saving it in picture format, which allows for quick editing with little need to retype text.

Here are the best image-to-text AI converters right now.


Img2go is a free, online tool that converts images to different document formats. You can upload an image and select from one of the many available options such as quality or language.


Pdfconvertonline.com is a simple image-to-text AI converter that can convert images to text without requiring registration or an email address. The process takes seconds and the user does not need any personal information before downloading their file.


They have a totally free online image-to-text AI converter that will transform your images into editable messages.

All you need to do is submit an image file or duplicate-paste the URL and they’ll convert it in real-time for you. Click To Tweet

You can extract text from any picture, then later modify and paste as needed.

Photo-Optical Character Recognition is expensive, but they offer free solutions. The signup process can be a little tricky at first, so you’ll have to do some research before the trial period ends.


Ocrconvert.com is an online tool that converts images to text using AI easily without installing it on your computer. The best feature of this image-to-text AI converter is you are notified when the conversion has been completed and then download your file from their site.


This image-to-text AI converter is very easy to use and converts images into text. It supports .png, gif, tiff formats as well as scanned documents that are then converted into a PDF file which can be downloaded or opened in your browser for viewing. This tool has 21 languages available making it the best option all over the world.

Developer toolkits

This converter is the best option for converting your scanned document into text. It converts images quickly and easily to make it a very simple process. After conversion, you can save the text file or copy and paste it if necessary. You also have the ability to share on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.


Optical Character Recognition to Word is the fastest engine readily available, refining records promptly in real-time. It avoids hefty retyping work and enables you to do more with your time by giving you an efficient way of converting data into word documents without having to manually type it all out.

The Free Optical Character Recognition to Word is a very advanced picture handling application. It provides image devices for better preview and can rotate images in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions if the input photo is skewed.

Image-to-text AI converter websites are essential for those who want control over the content they receive. Click To Tweet

No need to convert an entire image if it is not needed.

There are many OCR software applications available, but not all of them will retain the original paper’s layout and font style. So before you make a purchase decision, be sure to take these features into consideration.

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