Is Slack Worth the Price? How Much Does Slack Cost Per User

Have you ever wondered how much does Slack cost per user? I’m a big fan of the app and use it regularly for work communication. However, I wasn’t sure if it was worth the price tag. After doing some research, I found out that Slack’s Business+ plan is very reasonably priced and offers a lot of features that are perfect for businesses.

In this blog post, I’ll share everything I learned about the pricing of Slack so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not Slack worth the Price.

Is Slack Worth the Price?: How Much Does Slack Cost Per User?

If you’re trying to search how much does Slack cost per user, well you won’t find any.

Pricing is dependent on the specific features and usage of each customer.

Slack typically charges a monthly subscription fee that is based on the number of users on the account, as well as the number of features used.

For example, a small team that only uses the basic features of Slack may pay $8 per user per month, while a larger team that uses more advanced features may pay $15 per user per month.

Slack Price Plans

Slack offers four pricing tiers: Free, Pro ($8), Business+ ($15), and Enterprise. The pricing for the Enterprise plan is only available through their sales team.

There are 20+ alternatives to Slack that provide the same functionalities as what it offers. Some of these are less expensive, while others cost a bit more.

Because most competing products offer the same functionality, it’s fair to ask whether or not it’s worthwhile to pay for a paid version of Slack.

Slack offers a variety of membership plans to fit the needs of any user. The free plan provides access to basic features such as searchable messages and screen sharing. For users who need more advanced features, Slack offers premium memberships with access to third-party app integrations and more.

Let’s break down what each plan in Slack has to offer.

Slack Free Plan

Since its launch, Slack has always had a freemium model. The free version, however, only offers a few features with limited functionality.

The Slack Free plan includes several important features, albeit in limited form. These features allow you to search your history of messages, integrate your other apps, and make audio and video calls from within the app. While these features are important, they may not be enough for some users who require more comprehensive functionality.

Features in the Slack Free plan include:

  • Search the last 10K messages
  • Up to 10 third-party app integrations
  • One-to-one video calls

As you can see, Free Slack is very limited. This can be a dealbreaker for some teams so let’s look closely at the details.

10,000 Messages

The free version of Slack gives you a lot — but you can only access the most recent 10,000 messages from your workspaces.

With 10 team members, you can expect to exchange 3,000 messages each week.

Imagine that you have 1,000 employees. If each of them sends 10,000 messages a month, you’ll hit the cap in no time.

If you don’t upgrade your plan, your messages will start disappearing after just a few days. You’ll end up paying way more than you originally planned if you don’t upgrade.

10 Third-Party Integrations

If you want to add more than 10 applications to your current Slack, you’ll need to upgrade or get rid of some of your existing tools.

The free version of Slack does not give you access to every app, and none of the paid tiers do either. The pricing of these apps is not affected by your usage.

If you want the platform to integrate with 11 apps, you can delete any of the 10 previous apps that you already integrated with or stick to the default.

One-on-One Video Calls

The free version of the app only allows you to have one-to-one video or voice chats, but if you’re on the premium plan, you can have both individual and group meetings.

If you need to chat with more than one person at a time, you’ll need to upgrade your subscription.

Slack Pro plan

The paid version of Slack — Slack Pro — is a great upgrade for small- and medium-sized businesses that want to reduce the limitations of the free version.

To access advanced features, you have to pay $6.67 per user (annual subscription) or $8 per user (monthly subscription).

Features in the Slack Pro plan include:

  • Screen sharing
  • Unlimited app integrations
  • Group video calls with up to 15 people
  • Guest accounts
  • Share channels with other organizations
  • Unlimited message searching
  • 10 GB storage per user
  • Slack Huddles (live voice conversation)

The Pro version of Slack gives you the option to use Google to sign in, as well as access to a priority customer support line. However, you don’t get 24/7 customer support like you would with the Business+ or Enterprise plans. Even so, the Pro plan still has a lot of great features that are worth taking advantage of.

If you have 80 employees, you’ll need to pay at least $640 per month for Slack. This can add up to a significant amount of money over a year.

If you have 1,000 employees, the $80,040 annual cost of using Slack will have a major impact on your company’s budget.

Slack Enterprise Plan

The Slack Enterprise plan is designed for corporations that have hundreds of thousands of employees.

Slack can help large companies by breaking them into smaller, more manageable Slack Workspaces. This way, departments can still communicate and collaborate through shared channels.

This premium plan may be worth the extra investment, depending on your needs.

The Enterprise plan also offers security and compliance features that are essential in highly regulated industries such as finance and healthcare. The eDiscovery features are also essential for legal departments that need to search through messages and files.

Features in the Slack Enterprise plan include:

  • Administrators can divide a large organization into separate Workspaces
  • Easier management for admins and users
  • Improved security
  • Integration with monitoring and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions
  • Archiving and data retention
  • Integration with solutions that streamline early case assessment and eDiscovery

With an Enterprise account, businesses can set up multiple extensions with a centralized control panel. This reflects how your company is structured.

When needed, channels from multiple workspaces may be shared, and you can also interact with outside partners.

Slack Business+ Plan

The most expensive tier in the Slack pricing package is Business+ which costs $12.50 per user per month.

Features in the Slack Business+ plan include:

  • Advanced identity management through SAML-based SSO and real-time Active Directory sync with OneLogin, Okta, and Ping Identity
  • Compliance requirements met with data exports for all messages
  • Around-the-clock teamwork and assistance with 99.99% guaranteed uptime and 24/7 support with a four-hour response time.

When you subscribe to the Slack Business+ package, you get a refund if Slack’s servers are down for a prolonged period.

You also get 24/7 support, which is a huge benefit. If you pay for an annual plan, this costs $12.50 per seat — or $15 if you only want to pay month to month.

Conclusion: Is Slack Worth the Price?

If you’re wondering Is Slack Worth the Price? The answer is that it’s very reasonably priced. The Business+ plan offers a lot of features that are perfect for businesses, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a chat app for work communication.

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