SaaS Marketing Strategies: Your Guide to Success

July 31, 2022

As a business owner, you know the importance of having a marketing strategy. But what are the best ways to market your software-as-a-service (SaaS) product? This guide will share some of the best saas marketing strategies that will help take your business to the next level. By following these tips, you’ll be able to reach more clients and grow your company in no time!

SaaS Marketing Defined

SaaS marketing can be described in many ways as any other type of digital marketing. Your product is ready to be sold, and your marketing strategy is to convince people to buy it.

SaaS marketing is different than most digital marketing because of certain factors. SaaS marketing does not involve physical products. This means that what you are selling is intangible. Nothing that potential customers can touch or hold. SaaS marketers must be creative in their marketing strategies to promote their products and features.

SaaS marketers need to be aware of churn as another important issue. When using digital subscription services, it is crucial to accurately calculate your churn rate and customer lifetime value (CLV). This will allow you to calculate how much you can spend to acquire customers to make your business profitable. Effective SaaS marketing strategies must focus on increasing retention and reducing churn.

A great SaaS product will be nothing without a great SaaS marketing strategy. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the number of SaaS products constantly being developed by websites like TrustRadius or AppSumo.

SaaS companies that are most successful don’t always have the best products. They are often the ones with the best marketing strategies.

SaaS Marketing Strategies

Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) marketing strategies are a company’s promotional and advertising activities to market its SAAS product. These strategies aim to generate leads and convert them into customers.

The techniques differ depending on the type of product being sold and the target audience.

As a marketing expert, Rahul Varshneya says:

The buyer journey and sales funnel for software as a service (SaaS) are different than for traditional businesses because the audience for which it is valuable (and therefore makes those users good prospects for sale) is much smaller, making outreach a challenge.

How do you sell a SaaS product when it doesn’t involve a physical item?

Digital marketing for businesses often focuses on making sales, collecting email addresses, or increasing brand recognition.

For SaaS businesses, every marketing penny is spent on one common objective: convincing potential customers to try your free trial or sign up for a live product demonstration.

Now that we have a better grasp of what a SaaS business is let’s discuss some strategies for growing a SAAS business.

1. Automate sales motions to start a conversation

A sales process is the general steps and actions you take when selling a product.

A sales motion is a more definite way of telling your sales team how to sell the product.

One of the best techniques to grow your SaaS business is to automate the sales motion.

Automating your sales motions is the way to go if you’re looking to get the conversation started with potential customers. By doing so, you’ll be able to identify qualified leads quickly, saving you time that can be spent on nurturing and converting them.

Automating your process allows you to create legally binding agreements quickly and easily. You can leverage your library of approved clauses and terms, and your integration will be seamless.

The sales department will analyze the lead’s information to see if it fits the company well. This information will include the company’s size, the number of its employees, and other relevant information. By having this, they can determine whether or not to pursue this prospect.

To get the most accurate and up-to-date data on your leads, you must enter their company name into Clearbit. This way, you can be sure that your prospect list only consists of qualified leads who have taken actions that fit your buyer persona.

A sales rep will analyze your browsing history and say, “I noticed you recently watched this YouTube video.”.

Would you be interested in a personalized webinar? The conversation would be tailored specifically for you, and you would have the opportunity to generate actual leads from the conversations.

If, however, you have less than 250,000 monthly visitors to your site, you may only be able to generate a few customers per week by sending them through your sales process.

3 Steps for Increasing Your Software as a Service (SaaS) Sales with Effective Marketing.

2. Change the registration process for purchasing a SAAS product

Switching your sign-up flow to one that guides users to purchase your product can drastically increase your conversion rates.

If you want to improve conversions for registrations, try creating a two-step registration process, use third-party verification services, and reduce the number of required form fields that are asked of your prospects. These small changes can make it easier for people to register for your site.

The best way to get rid of this initial resistance is by only asking for the bare minimum of information from the user, such as their first and last name and email address. Then, give them a small taste of what your product is all about. You can collect more details from them later on.

If you are skeptical of removing the required field, explain why you need the information.

3. Use product-led growth with the freemium model

A product led-growth model is a business strategy that relies more on the products to drive new user acquisition, conversion, and retention. Rather than using traditional promotional strategies, you rely on word of mouth and virality.

The CEO at app company, Appcues, says that…

By adopting a product-led approach, you can grow and scale your business while saving money.

If you’re running a software as a service (SaaS) business, the “freemium” model is an effective way to generate leads and conversion. With this strategy, you offer a free version of your product or service. Users can use it as much as they like, but they will have to pay if they want the full benefits.

If your customers want your product to get the most from it, they will have to pay.

There are three types of free-to-premium business models in the SaaS industry:

Limited features: In this type of freemium, you limit what free users can do or restrict the functionality of certain features that are available to paid subscribers.

Lowered capacity or usage: This business model limits the amount of storage space, or bandwidth users can access. Dropbox is a great example of a brand that uses a tiered pricing model.

Reduced support: In this business model, free users don’t get prioritized customer service or the ability to access help through online forums.

If you’re looking to limit your product’s growth using a limited-capacity or restricted-use strategy, one way is by limiting how much content or features are available. One way to do this is by restricting the amount of storage space or data that can be used.

The Freemium model is a strategy that’s worked well for brands like Hubspot.

When Hubspot switched to a Freemium business model, many of its staff weren’t too happy about it. They thought it might not work out, but it was a success. They offer a CRM system free, but other features and services are only available to paying customers.

4. Write a lot of content for your software company

Creating valuable content is one of the most effective marketing techniques used by almost every fast-growing company.

Write digital marketing articles, including PPC, email, social media, and notifications topics.

Because it all helps drive people into your marketing funnels, thereby improving your odds of getting even more sales.

Content marketing also helps with search engine optimization, acquiring links, and boosting awareness.

To succeed, your content strategy should focus on helping your customers, not Google. That means creating useful content that solves their problems and helps them achieve their goals.

To make your content more digestible, break up your text with headings, bullet points, and images. This will make it sharable and easier for users to acquire the information they want without reading the entire article.

Including visual elements in your articles, such as screenshots, charts, quotes, and videos, can help make your posts more engaging with readers. It’s also important to add captions to every video you produce.

Captions are important because they allow viewers who watch your video on silent to understand what you’re saying.

5. Make Sure Your Callers Can Book Instantly

Your customers are more likely to convert to your software when they are helped by a sales rep who can explain the benefits of your product.

If you want more sales and demos, you should consider letting your prospects book those calls and meetings with you right away. This will make it easier for them to connect with you when they’re ready.

You can let your prospects choose when they want to speak to you using appointment booking tools.


By following the saas marketing strategies in this guide, you’ll be able to reach more clients and boost your company quickly and effectively!

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