SaaS PPC Effective and Essential Tips for 2022 and Beyond

SaaS companies, which sell software instead of physical products like cars or clothes, face more marketing difficulties. These types of companies have to deal with obstacles such as long sales cycles and demos and the fact that their product is very difficult for consumers.

Everything was going smoothly until 2020 when the situation became more troublesome.

Many companies are already making changes to cope with 2020. They’re shifting operations and strategies, but SaaS PPC remains one of the most effective digital marketing tactics throughout this period.
Here are a few tips for SaaS PPC marketing that can help you with your SaaS this year and future.

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1. When it comes to landing page optimization, be cautious

One of the worst things that can happen when using PPC for SaaS is if your user bounces away from your landing page. The key to avoiding this issue is ensuring that all aspects of the campaign are hyper-relevant, including making sure users get relevant information on their landing pages.
The main reason for your user bouncing away from your landing page is that it did not speak to the purpose of their search. When a person comes across an unexpected or unsatisfying website, they will either close out immediately or bounce back.

When developing your landing pages for SaaS PPC ads, you must be very careful. Every element on the page should lead to an engagement with a call to action.

An excellent way to get your user involved is by giving them a form, white paper, or other information they can submit with their contact details.
You can also use chatbots, which are very effective for customer engagement. When using child birds as bouncers, they encourage your users to talk about their needs right away so that it becomes easier for you to identify the pain points.

2. Showcase your trustworthiness

If you are using a search engine and find the same SaaS provider as your company, it can be hard to trust them because they aren’t credible. These companies need to showcase their credentials to know what services they offer.

To get people to trust you, your company must provide credible information about its services and be honest. You should mention the logos of any publications where you have been featured or interviewed and write a few sentences on companies with which you work if they permit disclosure.

One other way to encourage customers and increase sales is through online marketing, which shows case studies. You can show your significant successes with these cases so that potential buyers will see the success of others.
Not only is it important to mention the benefits of your software, but you also have to show how these brands benefited from a relationship with your company.

3. Do not restrict access to your content

It is common for brands to Gate-off their most acceptable and premium content to acquire contact information from potential leads. They have put hours into creating the most insightful content possible, but all they need at first is some way of getting in touch.

But a flat pay structure can cause problems.

This creates a conflict of interest, and this problem will draw your potential customer to another company. Not only that, but they’ll leave the landing page after one click.

In the past, if a visitor landed on my site from an organic search result and bounced off of it quickly, I would have been relieved. But now that so many people are visiting through paid ads, this is not always true.

4. Allow your potential customers to help you write your ad copy

A few minutes into your demo, you should take the time to ask about what their business does and how they want it to grow. You must pay attention to potential leads because You can use this information in future sales pitches.

You can find out what your prospects really want by asking them questions. Click To Tweet

Not only will this help you to meet the needs of your customers better, but it can also be used as a way to inform future ad copy. After just one week, I noticed that many of my clients had similar goals and concerns for their company.

The customer is not always the same, so you need to create a different ad copy for each one.

5. Concentrate on long-tail keywords

If you focus on long-tail keywords in your bidding strategy, it can be very effective for two main reasons. The first is that the search results are better, and more qualified leads will appear. And second, clicks are cheaper because they come from people who have explicitly searched for what you offer.

saas ppc

As the costs of SaaS PPC campaigns for SaaS companies are very high, going for cheaper keywords can be a good idea as it will help you save money and potential target customers.

In cases where the user searches a long-tail keyword, it speaks a lot about the buyer’s intention. You can take an example of a user who searches for “baseball bat,” and at the same time, there’s some customer who is searching for “Easton BBCOR 360 ADC baseball bat”, who you believe is going to stay as a potential lead to be in the sales cycle. These long-tail keywords are super beneficial for finding possible information on the cheap. 

6. Every month, a new ad is produced

When you have a lot of leads, they will likely start to ignore your ads. This can happen if the leader has seen an advertisement for one software more than once.
If you do not optimize your SaaS PPC campaigns, you will have a lower click-through rate and higher cost for clicks.

I found that the best way to advertise is by rotating ads. You can turn them in monthly or weekly, whichever you feel works better for your business.

7. Reduce the amount of money wasted on advertising

Certain clicks will never become qualified leads when working with SaaS PPC ads. This is because the software you offer may not be a perfect fit for their needs, or maybe they’re just looking to purchase from someone else.

Sometimes you will have to pay for a click on your ad even though the person is not interested in what you are selling.

Negative keywords are used to stop irrelevant customers from clicking on your ads. Click To Tweet

8. Competing Branded Keywords Should Be Targeted

You find a company that has some good reviews on the internet, but you don’t get to their website when searching for them. Instead, another company comes up with better ratings.

When your competitors are using pay-per-click ads to target the exact keywords you’re bidding on, it’s time for a new strategy. You can create SaaS PPC campaigns that will attract customers interested in what they offer–but make sure to tweak the copy so that people know why yours is better or different.

Although bidding on these keywords is more expensive than regular SaaS PPC phrases, they are better at converting.

It’s essential to be aware of what your competitors are doing. If you’re an established company, don’t let them hijack the keywords associated with your brand.


If you’re looking for ways to improve your SaaS PPC campaign, the tips mentioned above can help. By following these steps, you’ll be able to reduce loss from a marketing budget and increase conversion rates.

It is essential to think about what the customer wants as a marketer. For example, they may not know your brand and have two options: leave or register interest.
To get people to convert, you need to build a relationship with them. You can do this by providing content in the form of newsletters and ebooks that show your expertise.

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