SaaS Timesheet Software that are easy to Utilize – Top 10

SaaS Timesheet Software: Timekeeping systems are great for tracking your time on different tasks, projects, and deliverables. These tools can be customized to suit your needs as a business owner-manager.

Some people prefer auto-pilot or automatic time tracking SaaS, while others want more control over monitoring their hours. Let’s know more about SaaS timesheet software as we go along in this article.

Managers can use time trackers to see where employees are spending their work hours and measure how productive they have been. This information makes it easier for managers to spot problems that need fixing manage human resources, billing, or payments.

Saas Timesheet Software:

Some of the significant benefits that SaaS timesheet software offers are:

  • Better organization
  • Clear visibility into performance
  • It makes it easier to create invoices
  • Helps in billing and accounting
  • All data is accessible from one place
  • Payroll automation
  • Integration with existing accounting and other business systems

Saas Timesheet Software: When deciding between different time tracking solutions, there are a few things to keep in mind.

There are one-size-fits-all solutions for SaaS tracking, but the most important factors to consider are ease of use and support. Every industry has different needs, which means there isn’t a perfect answer.

Specifications and Cost

There are two types of time tracking solutions: Project Management suites and standalone products. SMBs can choose from various Pure Play systems, which will suit their needs for small businesses that want to track hours worked or freelancers who need an easy way to keep tabs on work-time. Large companies with more complex requirements should opt for a project management suite.

Options for Integration

Entering data manually into different apps is time-consuming. If you have already invested in other solutions, find one with good integration and an API.

Fields that can be customized

Some timekeeping software allows construction, manufacturing, and transportation companies to add other data sets such as traffic flow or employee sentiment. This way, they can get a complete picture of the work done by their employees.

Monitoring of Employees

One solution to this problem is monitoring employees with Hubstaff, tracking screenshots, and more. Most SaaS timesheet software does not offer these features.


A good timekeeping solution should be able to provide clear and digestible information. This includes which employees are the most productive, how much work they have completed in a given day or week, what tasks take up the most of their time on average per employee, etc.

Breakdown of Tasks and Projects

The most successful projects are then broken down into smaller pieces. The best timekeeping systems ensure effective task management by dividing the project into sub-projects, which can be further divided into. This allows for each individual’s progress on a specific part of the project while also giving an overview of all features and completing it faster than without this technique.

Saas Timesheet Software: The Top 10 Time Tracking Apps

1. Hubstaff

The SaaS timesheet software is available for Windows, Mac, OSX, and Linux. It also has a mobile app that can be used on Android or iOS devices.

The Hubstaff SaaS timesheet software can be used online or offline, and it can integrate with over 30 different apps. This includes Asana, Trello, Basecamp, PayPal, and Github.

The Free-forever plan (only one user) includes time tracking, activity levels, and limited payment options. Paid pricing plans include:

Basic: $7/user/month

Premium: $10/user/month

Enterprise: $20/user/month

Key features and capabilities

  • Time tracking
  • Online timesheets
  • Productivity monitoring
  • GPS tracking and geofencing
  • Time tracking automation
  • Payroll management
  • Team scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Invoicing
  • Project budgeting
  • Task management
  • Offline and web time tracking

2. ezClocker

ezClocker is a simple time tracking and scheduling app for small businesses. It’s perfect for teams that need an easy-to-use, budget-friendly option because even non-techies can figure out how it works.

For time tracking, employees can use the ezClocker app on their smartphone to clock in or out. The GPS location is also supported, so you know they are at the right place.

Key features and capabilities

  • Clock in/out GPS location.
  • Online scheduling.
  • Prevent employees from clocking in early.
  • Support for labor job costing.
  • Overtime calculations.
  • Employee clock in/out notifications.
  • Block employees from clocking in without GPS turned on.
  • Kiosk app that will turn your tablet into a portable time clock.

Basic $10month (up to 15 users)

The standard monthly cost is $25, but this can be expanded to up to 30 users for an additional fee.

Premium costs $50 a month and can have up to 100 users.

3. Monday.com

The SaaS timesheet software is easy to use and can be customized. It also centralizes all communication, which improves collaboration between employees because they don’t have to dig through menus for information.

Teams can plan and organize using just one platform with automated workflows, integration, and data import options in a single tool. Integration support includes Zapier, Trello Slack, Google Calendar Integroma,t, etc. Different pricing plans include (annual billing):

Basic: $25/month

Standard: $49/month

Pro: $59/month

Enterprise: By quote

Key features and capabilities

  • Customizable workflows and processes
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Easily digestible overview
  • Visual planning
  • Timeline/Kanban/Map/Files/Chart/Calendar view
  • Embedded forms
  • Advanced search
  • Team collaboration
  • API

4. Toggl

The freemium time tracking solution is an excellent option for businesses that want to keep track of their employees and what they are doing. It offers all the essentials at no cost, while more advanced features can be added on if needed.

The simple interface makes it easy to onboard new users and assigns tasks. The solution can be used on almost any device, including mobile apps, desktop apps, or browser extensions.

Toggl is a time tracking app that can be used with many different SaaS timesheet software programs. It offers both free and paid options, including an annual billing plan.

Starter:  $9/user/month

Premium: $18/user/month

Enterprise: By quote

Key features and capabilities

  • Tracking reminders
  • Idle detection
  • Breakdown by projects, tasks, and clients
  • Bulk edit
  • Manual time addition
  • Offline mode
  • Time audits
  • Project time estimates
  • Unlimited projects and clients (including free plan)
  • Mobile and desktop apps, web interface, Chrome extension

5. TSheets

Tsheets is a timekeeping system that offers many different configuration options and can be integrated with other methods such as project management, employee monitoring, expense management, and invoicing. The list of Integration options includes QuickBooks Sage Xero Asana Gusto Expensify.

Tsheets is a free and easy-to-use SaaS timesheet software for the self-employed. Paid plans include:

The 2-99 user plan is $4 per active user a month for small and medium businesses. That’s on top of an initial base fee of $16month.

The Enterprise plan is for more than 100 users, with a base fee of $80month. The cost per active user will be an additional $4user.

Key features and capabilities

  • Time tracking and scheduling
  • Overtime rules automation
  • Overtime alerts
  • Interactive reports
  • Detailed reporting
  • Payroll and invoicing
  • GPS-enabled mobile app
  • Customizable pay rates

6. VeriClock

The SaaS timesheet software has a simple design and can integrate with other accounting programs, including QuickBooks. It is very affordable too.

VeriClock is a cloud-based system that allows users to clock in from any device, no matter where they are. They can do so by texting it in or through the website app.

The cost of an account starts at $5user with a monthly fee of $10. Additional features such as toll-free numbers, text message alerts, and voice clocks are available for purchase.

Key features and capabilities

  • Real-time clock in/out data
  • Job costing
  • Cloud-based management
  • Signature capturing (in-app)
  • Multiple overtime rules
  • Group clock-in
  • Per-user settings
  • GPS-enabled tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Multi-city phone nos.
  • By text or voice clocking
  • Toll-free clocking option

7. Timely

Timely is a timekeeping software that tracks all activity and labels it for the user. It also learns from what you do, so over time m more accurate suggestions are made.

Automated timekeeping is a nice feature, but not all businesses need especially if they want to control processes and get advanced features.

Timely is a solution that integrates with many other apps and platforms, including JIRA, Google Forms Sheets, Adobe Photoshop, Evernote Basecamp, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk QuickBook, Slack, Salesforce SAP. Timely offers different pricing plans for individuals as well as teams.

For Individuals

Moonlight offers a part-time work option for $7month and has five active projects.

Freelancer.com is the world’s largest freelance marketplace and has 25,000 active projects for you to bid on as a freelancer.

This is the lowest tier for professional account holders. For $23month, they get unlimited active projects and in-app support.

For teams

Growth is a company that charges $99month and has small teams. There are no management or control tools.

For companies with many employees, the Business account at $299month provides complete control over timesheet compliance.

Key features and capabilities

  • Automatic time tracking
  • Automatic grouping of activities
  • Automatic labeling
  • AI-enabled learning
  • Project health dashboard
  • Reporting
  • Workload distribution

8. BQE Core

The BQE Core system is designed for small and medium businesses. It offers invoicing, billing features as well as time tracking. The modular design allows users to select the best options depending on their needs.s Manager account has different pricing options

The Manager account has different pricing options, but it depends on how many modules you need. The Primary User option starts at $16user per month and is the cheapest.

Time & Expense: $8/user/month

Billing: $16/user/month

Accounting: $20/user/month

HR: $34/user/month

Key features and capabilities

  • Project management tools
  • BI and reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Security permissions
  • Simplified time tracking
  • Expense tracking
  • Location-based entries

9. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a well-rounded SaaS timesheet software that tracks how much employees are working and managers with insights into what they’re doing and if the employee wastes too much time on websites such as social media. The automatic pop-up alerts can help keep people from wasting their workdays

Users can cancel anytime they want, and complicated contracts are involved. The pricing is straightforward, with a monthly fee of $9.99 per user.

Key features and capabilities

  • Time and task tracking
  • Keyboard/mouse activity
  • Automated screenshots
  • Chat monitoring
  • Manual time approval
  • Detailed reports
  • Web and app usage details
  • Auto payroll and billing
  • Time use alerts
  • GPS tracking
  • Off-track reminders
  • White-labeled portal
  • Web can shots
  • Attendance tracking
  • Break tracking

10. Kronos Workforce Central Suite

The solution is perfect for any business that needs an integrated workforce management system. It includes time and attendance, absence management, scheduling, payroll labor analytics, and HR to help employees do their jobs better with fewer mistakes or missed deadlines.

KRONOS offers a variety of time and attendance solutions, which can be used to simplify processes. Pricing is available from the official support page.

Key features and capabilities

  • Central, integrated system
  • Self-service capabilities
  • Standardized data
  • Workforce timekeeper and scheduler
  • Absence manager
  • Analytics
  • Payroll
  • HR
  • Workforce mobile and tablet
  • Workforce activities
  • Data collection
  • Automated timekeeping

11. Harvest – Saas Timesheet Software

In addition to time tracking, Harvest offers a variety of other features. It can be integrated with Asana, Basecamp, and many others as we

With the free plan, you can create up to 2 projects. Paid plans are available for more.

Solo is a program that allows for one person to have unlimited projects. It’s $12month, which gives you access to their interface and the ability to work on any project in your field.

For a team of two or more people, the usual charge is $12 per person each month. Unlimited projects are included.

Key features and capabilities

  • Time and expense tracking
  • Built-in invoicing
  • Free-form invoices
  • Online payment options
  • Visual summaries and reports
  • Professional invoices
  • Time scheduling
  • Billable/non-billable breakdown
  • Automatic reminders
  • Data export to Excel, G Drive, and CSV format
  • Project budget alerts
  • Timesheet approval
  • Integration with over 100 apps

12. TimeSolv (For Law and Consultancy Firms)

TimeSolv is designed to make the lives of lawyers, accountants, and professionals easier. It includes features like billing invoicing that help law firms stay on top of their finances while still focusing on work.

The price of the integration options ranges from $5 per month to a one-time payment for as low as $199. The plans include QuickBooks, Xero, NetDocuments, and dropbox.

The subscription to Legal.com is $34.95 per month or $31.46 annually for one user, and the fee decreases as you add more users.

The monthly fee is $19.95, and the annual cost of membership is only $17.95.

Legal billing outsourced: Theservice’s price depends on how many users and hours it will take to complete. It starts at $109.

Key features and capabilities

  • Time tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Expense tracking
  • Trust accounting
  • Document management
  • Project management
  • Profitability forecasting
  • Customized, tax calculated invoices
  • Cloud-based document automation
  • Credit card processing
  • Android and iPhone apps
  • Automatic data backup
  • Desktop widget
  • Data conversion

Saas Timesheet Software: The most effective time management tool

Using an employee time tracking module is unnecessary if you are a one-person business. However, once your company begins hiring more employees and it becomes difficult to manage schedules with Excel or Google Sheets alone, then the investment may be worth considering.

Saas Timesheet Software What does this mean for the workforce, though?

It’s time for some automated management, like a person who has the power to control how many hours are worked in each week and month. OHigherups confirm this; they can compare it with their payslip. This will help make sure that employees get paid what they deserve.

Saas Timesheet Software What about the boss?

Higher-level managers and directors will be able to quickly see the hours that employees have worked, what tasks they’ve done in a day, and when their next job is on schedule.

Saas Timesheet Software For the accountant, this is the ideal time management.

If you’re going to hire an accountant, it is strongly recommended that they do the payslips. They should also be in charge of keeping track of hours and ensuring that the pay rates are correct.

Planning and monitoring are crucial to a business, whether the employees in question are at the managerial level or not. A good planning manager can make all of these tasks easier because they will be better able to delegate work according to skill skillset

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