The Top 6 Companies That Listen To Customers

Look no further for firms that value their consumers! This list of the top companies that listen to customers, will help you locate the appropriate fit.

In today’s business world, it’s more important than ever for companies to listen to their customers. After all, customer feedback is essential for businesses to improve and grow. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 companies that listen to customers.

These businesses have proven time and again that they’re dedicated to providing the best possible customer satisfaction. So if you’re looking for a company that will really hear your concerns and suggestions, look no further!

Social listening is a way for brands to monitor their social media accounts for conversations about their business. This can be done by searching for keywords, hashtags, direct mentions, and other business-related keywords. social listening is a way to track and respond to customers online, in order to build relationships and better understand what your target audience want. 

This post will provide examples of notable companies that listen to customers, whether you are looking to create a new strategy or improve your existing one.

Top 6 companies that listen to customers

1. Starface

Sarah Lugor is a content writer who posted a video on social media in which she was wearing Starface pimple patches. Although She didn’t tag the company in the video, they noticed her content and reposted it to their Instagram account. This provided valuable social proof for the business and helped them gain more exposure.

companies that listen to customers


2. Black Girl Sunscreen

Black Girl Sunscreen is a skin safety brand that focuses on communities that are often overlooked in discussions about sun safety. By using social listening, the brand was able to find a Tweet from a potential lead and share it on its profile. This helps Black Girl Sunscreen connect with new leads and show them how its business offerings can solve their problems.

companies that listen to customers


3. Spectrum

Spectrum is an internet provider that searches business-specific keywords \(specifically spectrum or outage) to find conversations that don’t tag their social media accounts. Spectrum customers were experiencing service disruptions and took to Twitter to vent their frustration. The company responded with a smiley face.

companies that listen to customers


4. Netflix

Social listening is more than just responding to and sharing content that your audience has posted on social media. It also includes taking the time to listen to customers and using customer feedback and opinions to help shape your marketing strategy.

This video from Netflix is a great example of how companies can create content that responds directly to popular trends. In this case, the company has created a video showing people how to make DIY socks to watch Netflix while they’re on the internet. This is a clever way to address the popular “Netflix and chill” meme that has become a consumer trend.

5. HubSpot

Social listening is all about engaging with content that mentions or refers to your brand directly. Whether it’s interacting with customers on your channels or monitoring what people are saying about your business online, social listening is a crucial part of any successful marketing strategy.

Below is an example of a HubSpot Twitter account where a customer expressed satisfaction with the customer support team and the business responded and thanked the customer.

companies that listen to customers


6. Slack

Slack, a messaging service, uses a popular meme to promote one of its products. The Facebook post below reads “It could have been a huddle,” which Slack’s take on the trend “It might’ve been an Email” where employees claim that they’ve spent more time in meetings than it could have been.

This is the second most-liked company post in the last month. It shows that they have accurately leveraged social listening trends.

Brands can add value by listening to customers

Boomers, Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X all participate on social media. They want to learn more about brands and hear from others. Negative reviews are more influential than positive reviews when it comes to reviews.

Ninety-one per cent of 18-34-year olds trust online reviews more than personal recommendations. 93% of consumers believe that online reviews have influenced their purchasing decisions. Four out of five consumers have changed minds about a recommendation purchase after reading negative reviews online. 94% claim that an online review has convinced their decision to stay away from a business.

Brands who listen to both critics and supporters quickly realize the value of real-time customer feedback. This helps communications teams identify emerging issues and opportunities to maximize positive experiences.

Social media is word-of mouth on steroids. The upside is that you can listen to your customers, address their needs and make them happy. Satisfied customers can be your best unpaid brand ambassadors or influencers. If you don’t actively listen to them, you won’t know how big their following is or whether they can influence your brand reputation positively.

Consumers who feel heard are more loyal and willing to defend your brand. They also tend to spend more. According to applied Marketing Science, consumers who get responses to their tweets are more likely to spend 3-20% less on average-priced products.

Best-in-class companies are able to listen at large scale. The ultimate goal is for people feel heard.

Your brand is what your customers say it is

Brands that prioritize listening to customers often go one step further and incorporate customer feedback into business decisions. These brands are known for their bold responses to consumer demands and balanced business objectives.

Brands may not be aware of the root causes of customer dissatisfaction online. They can even be a result of your social media advertising campaigns.

Brands at Risk discovered that almost three quarters of respondents read comments on social media ads they see in their news feeds.

Brands cannot just hope for the best.

Social media tools that provide customer support.

Social media platforms are improving their social support capabilities, so some of them have quite useful built-in tools that will make customer support easier.

You can manage your inquiries on Facebook by adding labels or notes to your business page.

Twitter offers a feature called Customer Feedback, which allows people to privately share their opinions with businesses after a service interaction. Click To Tweet

This feature will allow businesses to use two industry-standard question formats: Net Promoter Score (NPS(r), and Customer Satisfaction [CSAT].

companies that listen to customers


If you’re just getting started with social media support, make sure you’re taking advantage of the tools available on your platforms before you invest in another tool.

Social media monitoring tools

A social media monitoring tool can save you time and help you improve your social media strategy. Click To Tweet

companies that listen to customers


A monitoring tool allows you pull in mentions from all platforms within one app.

  • All notifications and responses can be accessed from one location.
  • Even if people don’t @mention or tag you, be alerted.
  • Find new channels where people talk about you.
  • Filter negative/positive comments and analyze brand sentiment.

The best thing about using a monitoring device is that you don’t have to go looking for these messages.

They are delivered to you quickly and easily. You can also analyze your brand sentiment and compare it to your competitors.

Stay on top of social media trends

Social media is constantly changing. Every six seconds, new features and platforms are added. Click To Tweet

This is why it’s important to keep up with all updates and to adjust your strategy frequently to ensure you’re available on all channels.

Mention has alerts for major social media channels as well as industry blogs. This allows you to keep up with all the latest social news. Snapchat has new filters It’s done. Did Instagram steal that? That’s right.

Your competitors will be there to listen and engage your customers if you aren’t there.


companies that listen to customers


Chatbots are becoming more popular as customers increasingly use social media to interact with brands.

Chatbots are great for answering frequently-asked questions and providing immediate information about a product or service.


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