8 Most Interesting Recent Questions On Quora

February 2, 2022

Quora is a Q&A online platform where people ask random questions and other people answer and edit responses. It is a quirky combination of Reddit and Wikipedia. The most recent questions on Quora include everything from “What are the best ways to organize my finances?” to “What do your feet look like right now?”

Are you curious about what’s new and popular on Quora? If so, you’re in luck. We’ve got the latest trends in questions asked right here! Whether you’re wondering about the most recent news or just want to know what people are talking about today, this is a great place to start. So if you’re curious about recent questions on Quora, read on!

The 8 most interesting recent questions on Quora

With such a large-open Q&A space, the possibilities for “greatest hits” questions are almost limitless. Below are our 8 most favorite Quora recent questions.

1. What are the most bizarre places to visit in the world?

This Quora thread is very popular and we love it because it is based on thousands of user-generated answers. The editors created a master list of the most talked-about places, from Pakistan’s Kaghan Valley to a rotting nuclear missile silo.

This is the place to go if you want real-world solutions from travelers who have experienced it firsthand.

2. How to get rich in five years?

We all would love to have the opportunity to accumulate substantial wealth. We are not greedy or materialistic. The only thing better than money is having more money. This query was answered by dozens of people.

Of the respondents, which included investors, millionaires, TIME People of The Year, and other random Internet types, mostly suggested investing and being frugal. Others suggested investing in small, high-quality companies with good ideas and affiliate marketing programs.

3. Is there life after death?

This thread covers everything — medically assisted death, spiritual and religious death, and a frighteningly awkward and morbid description about the hours following a person’s death.

4. What can I learn in 10 minutes that will make a difference for the rest of my life?

This question invites you to share any life hack, trait, or trick that can be learned in 10 minutes and will prove useful for the rest of your life. It received over 2,000 responses from people all over the world. There were many responses, including “How to dress well and choose the right suit” and “see what Google knows you” among thousands of other useful life hacks.

5. What is the most courageous thing you’ve ever seen someone do?

Standing up to a vicious gang, facing a murder threat, doctors who willingly volunteered to expose themselves to a deadly virus to find a cure — this question received a lot of inspiring and amazing answers from those who saw them firsthand.

6. What does it feel like to take DMT or 5-MeO-DMT?

This sums up every response to this question:

“Ayahuasca is like a bus tour of Paris museums that lasts several hours. Smoked DMT is a similar tour, but you are strapped to the nose of a rocket. Everything goes by in 10 minutes. Smoked 5-MeO DMT is like being strapped to the nose of a rocket that evaporates into the sun.”

7. What books will expand your mind?

This is a favorite question on Quora. The master list is mostly non-fiction, with a few specks of fiction gold. Some of the books teach you how to eat right, explain the crippling effects of religious dogma on the human psyche, and discuss the relevance of feminism in today’s modern society.

8. What are the top mistakes made by first-time entrepreneurs?

This Quora thread offers real-world advice from entrepreneurs such as CenturyLink CIO Lucas Carlson, Hawthorne Labs co-founder Evan Reas, and Venture Investor Patrick Mathieson. If you’re a progressive thinker and entrepreneurial-minded individual, this information is priceless. 


We hope this post has given you a good overview of the recent questions on Quora. If you’re curious to learn more, be sure to check out our other posts on Quora marketing. Thanks for reading!

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