Stripe Operating Principles: Helping You Grow Your Business

Stripe's success as a company is built on the foundation of Stripe operating principles. This article outlines these principles of Stripe's internal operations.

If you’re looking for a payment processing solution that is easy to use and has low fees, Stripe is a great option. Their flat fee on each transaction means no hidden costs or monthly fees, and funds are transferred immediately into your bank account once the payment is processed.

Plus, their fraud protection system is top-notch and they take security very seriously under the stripe operating principles   using state of the art technology and employing a team of dedicated experts to keep your data safe at all times.

 Stripe operating principles

Stripe operating principles are for the flexible, supportive, impatient, and most importantly, the obsessively focused user. You’ll be joining us in the first chapter.

A culture built for builders

You’ll not only be responsible for developing the next phase, but you’ll also work with exceptional people who are determined to do their best work. People who set high standards and inspire others to achieve greater heights.

A growth environment

We have a flat structure with no titles. It’s all about what you do, and not what you’re known for. Managers who are experts in their fields and can apply their knowledge to the real world are valued.

They are also able to develop talent and design successful orgs. You can have a huge impact on your career and make material advancements without having to manage anyone. We want you to do what you have been assigned and show us how it works.

You might be able to create something that we would never have thought of. We have had account managers create a publishing arm, interns that run business units, hackathon participants who have created company-defining products.

Although I didn’t have any tech experience or a college degree, I had decades of customer-focused retail experience. Even though I didn’t work in tech, I was quite technical.

Intentional communication

We have always been vigilant about how information is shared. Our communication norms in places such as our company all-hands and Q&As, wikis and emails are unique in that they aim to democratize information and avoid silo thinking. Stripes are encouraged to “lurk,” or sneak into coworkers’ projects in order to get relevant feedback and learn about what is going on.

We place a high value on transparency because we believe that access to information is essential to creating the best work.

Fast-paced, detail-oriented

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to be quick and still pay attention to the details. It’s just more difficult. We believe it’s essential to balance innovation and being meticulous when facilitating the flow of money.

API errors can be extremely detrimental to a company’s operations, especially if they are not addressed in a timely manner. At our peak, we receive 10,000 API requests per second, and it is essential that each one is accurate. This requires a lot of diligence on our part to ensure that every error is addressed.

Each and every one of these is a critical business function that can’t just be thrown behind an eventually consistent caching layer.

Stripe’s people are incredibly attentive, meticulous, and curious about their work. This is what I love about them. We challenge industry conventions and assumptions and seek out new perspectives.

We also develop innovative and automated solutions for big problems.

Inquisitive and persistent

There is no playbook for the problems we are solving. Stripes are challenged every day to find solutions to questions they have never asked before. We hire people who are unafraid of asking “why?” and who are motivated by curiosity.

Our team is constantly exploring new ways to solve problems and push boundaries.

Promotion of access through representation – Stripe Operating Principles

Our products make it possible to participate in the online economy from anywhere. We are creating diverse teams to fuel this immense possibility and to allow all Stripes do the best work possible.

  • Desi

    Desi supports and promotes the cultural identity, interests, and cultural values of Stripes of Indian or South Asian descent. The group provides a platform for South Asian causes to be discussed, supported, and celebrated at (and outside) Stripe. It also acts as a networked resource, helping us launch and scale in India.

  • Equate

    Equate’s mission, education, mentorship and discussion are all meant to foster and promote an inclusive environment in which all Stripes can actively support and advance the equality of professional development and leadership potential for women and non-binary people at Stripe and the technology industry as a whole.

  • ESEA

    ESEA represents and supports the interests of Stripes of East or Southeast Asian descent. ESEA supports the community by creating a safe environment, promoting specific initiatives, and increasing knowledge of the ESEA market.

  • Interfaith

    Interfaith refers to a group of individuals that identify as having faith or are interested in having respectful dialogue about faith. Stripes are a diverse collection of people with different religious, spiritual and cultural backgrounds. Faith can have a profound impact on the way people think, act, and feel.

    It is often a great way to find others who have experienced faith in their lives.

  • Jew-ish

    Stripes in Jewish help Jewish Stripes to balance their careers and religious traditions. Jewish is dedicated to creating a safe space for Stripes who identify themselves as Jewish to be a resource for anyone who is interested in Jewish culture or religion. It is also committed towards empowering other communities that face similar challenges.

  • Parents

    As a working father or mother, it can be difficult to balance work and family responsibilities. The Stripe Parents community aims to make this easier by organizing events and training programs, sharing best practices, and advocating for workplace policies that support families. We hope to make it easier for everyone to succeed at work and at home.

    Parents played an active role in the development of Stripe’s parental-leave tools. These tools provide resources for expectant parents and managers.

  • Rainbows

    Rainbows welcomes lesbians, gay, bisexuals, transgenders, queer, intersex and asexual (LGBTQIA), Stripes, and their allies. Rainbows is committed to promoting inclusivity and awareness in all LGBTQIA matters by investing in people, policy and partnerships with our users.

  • The Black Stripes

    The Black Stripes is a professional organization that supports the interests of black Stripes. Our primary focus is to support the community and create opportunities for other Stripes to learn about and identify with the struggles that black Stripes face at work and at home.

  • Unidos

    Unidos supports and promotes the cultural identity of Stripes of Hispanic and Latin American descent. It provides a forum for discussing and supporting the causes of this group at (and beyond) Stripe and a platform to promote awareness and expression of Hispanic or Latin American culture.

Our walls can reduce barriers to opportunity. Stripe has many Stripe Communities, which are employee-created resource groups. They work closely with our People to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in Stripe’s culture.

Today’s Stripes come from many backgrounds. We will need more talented individuals from all walks of the globe to join us in serving our customers and building products that drive economic growth.

Stripe Operating Principles The benefits of working at scale while being small

We are still trying to mature as a company that was founded in 2010. We are happy to be compared with larger, more established companies when it comes to benefits. We don’t want you to feel restricted about your coverage.

All-inclusive coverage – Stripe Operating Principles

We offer a thoughtful, balanced package of benefits that allows Stripes to be their best selves while doing great work. Our robust programs place Stripes and their families at the forefront.

Stripe encouraged me to broaden my horizons and to strive for more in my career as well as in education. I am grateful.

Learning is the best way to grow – Stripe Operating Principles

We are voracious learners and teachers. Our Education team offers an onboarding and product training curriculum to all new Stripes. They also host expert-led courses on topics like macroeconomics and project management fundamentals.

Stripes share their knowledge beyond the formal program through informal talks, documentation, reading groups, and conversation.

Conclusion – Stripe Operating Principles

These Stripe operating principles make it a great choice for businesses of all sizes. Their flat fee on each transaction means no hidden costs or monthly fees, and funds are transferred immediately into your bank account once the payment is processed.

Plus, their fraud protection system is top-notch and they take security very seriously – using state of the art technology and employing a team of dedicated experts to keep your data safe at all times.


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