What Is Tech Touch’s Role in Customer Success

As we enter the digital age, “tech touch” is becoming an increasingly important aspect of product differentiation. But what is tech touch? For me, tech touch is all about using technology to create a more personal connection with customers or clients. Whether it’s through developing custom apps that make their lives easier or simply offering more personalized customer service, businesses that embrace tech touch are the ones that will stand out in today’s competitive landscape.

What Is Tech Touch?

There is no one definitive answer to this question of what is tech touch, as the term “tech touch” can mean different things to different people. In general, though, “tech touch” refers to the use of technology to enhance the physical experience of touch.

This might include using sensors to create a more realistic virtual reality experience, or using haptic feedback to create a more lifelike sense of touch in gaming or other applications.

What is the tech-touch advantage?

The main ingredient to successful customer engagement is knowing the purpose of every interaction. This means you should ask yourself: what is this communication for and what will we both gain? By streamlining your communications, you can maximize the value of your customer relationships by driving growth and providing valuable insight.

Tech touch uses customer knowledge to drive growth and proactively deliver value to customers and clients.

The advantage of using Digital Communications is the consistency of your brand and messaging, no matter what contact method you use.

The results? A win/win for both your customer service reps and your customers.

Using customer relationship solutions, such as Tech-Touch, you can make the most of both your customers’ and your agents’ time. Additionally, you can personalize communications and provide customers with self-help options. All of this will result in an improved experience for the customer.

The tech touch difference comes from focusing on what’s really important to the success of your customer relationships. This focus creates a win/win for both your Customer Success Teams and your Customers.

How our tech-touch customer success strategy works

At tech touch, we measure our success by how successful our customers are.

It relies on the use of customer intelligence to map out goals and track progress that will lead customers to success.

Customer data is valuable, but turning it into valuable interactions with customers is even better.

When our enterprise clients embraces a technology-driven digital approach, it evolves a customer-centric strategy that focuses on increasing retention. Your enterprise should eventually be able to measure the impact of every interaction, and these interactions should all reflect your branding.

Every customer interaction should build your brand.

Digital customer success solutions do not happen over night. You have to work towards a more customer centric approach across several key areas of your customer service strategy.

Team member learn to monitor, understand, and act upon customer behavior and data.

Standardizing customer success and sales processes and campaigns allows for efficient engagement with customers.

Technology that measures and tracks your customer’s success and satisfaction levels allows you to focus on providing the best onboarding experience possible.

Team member roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.

These principles allow your business to enjoy the benefits of precise customer engagements.

A success story of tech-touch

In less than a decade, the video conferencing software, called “Zoom,” has quickly risen to become one of the most well-known names in the industry.

The coronavirus outbreak has spurred many workers to work from home, and that has resulted in more demand for video conferencing services like Zoom.

Their rapid growth gave them the chance to utilize their customer success platform, which collected and utilized feedback from their customers. This helped them improve their customer experience, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce the rate of customers leaving.

“Tech-Touch Can Lead to High Touch”

Using technology to connect with your customers is a fantastic way to make them feel valued, no matter how big or small they are.

Some clients may want almost a fully hands-free approach, but you’ll need to know their needs and wants and have the resources available to handle them properly. You’ll also need to understand their client’s needs to provide the best possible service for them.

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Not all customer success managers are responsible for directly assisting their customers.

Some tasks are just boring, tedious, and monotonous.

This is where a “technological approach” to customer service is most effective. By eliminating the most tedious and monotonous tasks, customer service representatives can focus their time and energy on the most important, interpersonal aspects of their jobs.

All customers expect the same high quality of customer service, but your employees may not be capable of providing it.

A tech solution is much better than having your employees constantly repeating the same information to the same customers. A technical system can streamline repetitive tasks.

Your CSMs can build strong relationships with customers by only offering support when they can give personal advice and suggestions. Using automated responses to answer common questions can free up time for them to do this.

Don’t just focus on the number of calls and emails you send, but on the quality of your interactions with customers.

Offering the right advice to customers can help them achieve their goals, rather than addressing basic customer support issues. By doing this, your CSMs can provide a higher level of engagement and create a better customer experience.

Benefits of the Tech-Touch Approach

Now that we know a “tech touch” doesn’t necessarily mean a “low touch”, let’s examine the main benefits of a “high-tech” sales strategy.

1. SaaS Solutions – Simple answers to common Issues

Each SaaS company has their own unique problems that their customer’s face. While it’s not possible to create a product that’s 100% flawless, you can continually improve by listening to the feedback of customers.

If there are certain issues or problems you commonly see from customers, it’s best to have an automated system in place that handles those issues. Process Automation can help to take some of the burden off of your employees and improve the customer experience.

A 1-to-1 approach is great when addressing specific issues and errors. Your clients might live or work in different time zones or they might have different schedules.

Your customers don’t like having to wait for customer representatives to personally call them. They want quick, easy solutions.

2. Customer Success Software Needs Reminders Too

Your customer’s success representative is a person too, and they too would like some of the burden taken off of their backs.

Customer Success Software helps you and your clients stay on track by reminding them of what they need to get done and keeping track of your customer base.

3. SaaS SaaS Businesses Need to Scale Rapidly

While your startup may be rapidly growing, it’s nearly impossible to scale all of your departments as quickly.

When you have a surge in new signups or customers, a tech-touch solution will ensure that your business doesn’t have to pay extra. This allows you to focus on growing your client base.

4. Tech Doesn’t Sleep, Doesn’t Take Days Off

No matter what time zone or size of business your client is in, you can provide the same high-quality service to them.

While your technology can’t replace the human touch of Customer Success representatives, it can still provide a lot of help. It’s usually in the background, but it’s still an important part of your sales process.

5. Product differentiation

Any company will tell you that good customer service is absolutely essential.

Happy customers are essential to any successful business, so it’s important to utilize all the tools at your disposal. This frees up your time to focus on improving your software and ensuring your customers are satisfied with what you provide.


So what is tech touch you might ask? Tech touch is all about using technology to create a more personal connection with customers or clients. Whether it’s through developing custom apps that make their lives easier or simply offering more personalized customer service, businesses that embrace tech touch are the ones that will stand out in today’s competitive landscape. So if you’re looking to differentiate your business, don’t forget the power of tech touch!

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