Customer Success vs Customer Service: How They Work Together

Are you looking for a way to improve your customer service? Customer success is a different approach that can help you retain customers and grow your business. This article gives a comparison between customer success vs customer service and how they are applied in business.

If you want to learn how to beat the competition, read on to find out more about how to effectively use customer success vs customer service.

Customer Success vs Customer Service

A successful organization functions in the same way an orchestra does. Both are made up of individuals who have a specialization, such as playing the clarinet or managing Customer Success teams. Both are important for individual success, but overall harmony is also necessary.

As the orchestra’s sections and musicians must work together to create great music, so must employees and departments within an organization to achieve good business results.

This is especially true for Customer Success and Customer Support teams in today’s customer-centric economy. Although each of these roles is different within an organization, they all play a vital role in building and maintaining important connections between your company’s customers and your business.

It is crucial to understand the difference between customer success and customer service and how they can best complement each other in order to prevent churn and promote revenue growth. Click To Tweet

Difference between customer success and customer service? 

Customer success and customer service are two different things. The difference lies in how they approach customer interactions. Customer service focuses on solving problems as they occur, while customer satisfaction is proactive. This focuses on preventing future problems and encouraging long-term growth.

customer success vs customer service


It creates value for customers and helps them reach their goals.

Customer service is more reactive and in-the-moment. It’s about focusing on specific issues or complaints, such as technical malfunctions or customer confusions, and finding the most effective solution. All while providing the best customer experience, Customers will leave with their problems resolved and a positive impression of your company.

Customer success is all about the big picture. It involves using customer data insights to help customers achieve their business goals. This will also help you achieve yours. This is done while offering a great customer experience.

Your customers will get the most value from your products and services if they invest in them.

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How Does Customer Success Support Customer Service and Vice-Versa

Despite their differences in outlook, neither customer success or customer service can be truly effective without the other. Clear, open communication between both teams is essential to ensure that valuable insights and data are not lost in translation.

Customers will experience a decrease in customer service, as they will have to repeat the information when speaking with both teams. They may also receive contradictory advice or answers that will only increase their frustration and confusion.

Harmony between the two teams will ensure that all employees are on the exact same page regarding customer needs and challenges. This is done through transparency and open communication at every stage. This will result in a more seamless experience for customers, as both sides will agree on the best strategies and solutions to maximize customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Responsibilities

The customer service team must keep the success team informed about any customer problems, especially if it is ongoing or recurring. Your teams won’t need to hold many meetings to find out the status of the customer. Click To Tweet

The right solution will allow them to access the data instantly. This is why you should connect all your data streams to get a better picture of your customer.

The customer service teams should communicate the nature of the problem and their plan to solve it. This information can be used by customer success teams to inform their strategy moving ahead and, ideally prevent the issue from coming back or minimize the impact on customer’s overall success.

Customer Success Responsibilities

Customer success teams provide context to customer support teams for the problems they solve for customers. Customer support can optimize the solutions they offer by understanding the customer’s brand identity and larger business goals. Customer success managers should ensure that the teams collaborate effectively.

The bottom line is that the more effective your teams collaborate, the better the outcome for both your customers and your team.

Communication is key to optimizing service and success

How can you ensure customer success and customer service teams work together effectively? These are the steps to follow:

  • Both teams need to have access to all client data. This can be achieved by storing all data in one central location that can be accessed by both teams at any time.
  • Facilitating data analysis and setting-up a reliable system to ensure that no pattern is missed or trend is missed. It doesn’t matter if a customer is ready to upgrade or just needs some extra support. Both teams must be aware of the situation and know how to deal with it.
  • Both teams can communicate effectively and clearly with each other by allowing them to do so. A quick question or memo can be sent instantly via a digital platform. This saves time and effort that would otherwise be required to locate someone in the office.
  • It allows team members to communicate clearly with customers, whether they are communicating digitally or over the telephone. This means that they have access to the client data they need when they need it and that it is always up-to-date.
  • Transparency should be a key feature of the platform where your teams work. You will find it easier to access information and fewer meetings.

All of these goals can be achieved by a streamlined, intuitively designed customer support platform that maximizes productivity optimizes communication and reporting and illuminates customer trends and best practices to address both current and future hurdles. It’s like sheet music.

While not everyone will be playing the exact same notes or instruments, they will all be reading the same beautiful symphony and playing it together. This will be music for your customers. Click To Tweet


So, customer success vs customer service, what’s the difference? Customer success is a long-term, proactive approach to customer service that focuses on building customer relationships and preventing issues before they happen. If you’re looking for ways to improve your customer service, consider adopting a customer success mindset.

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