Episode #4: Building an Authentic Sales Org. w/ Patrick Micklewright

August 4, 2022

How can software take your business to the next level? By remaining authentic. 

Join host Patrick Parker as he interviews long-time friend and business colleague, Patrick Micklewright, on the fundamentals of building your first sales organization. Learn the value of consistency, ‘keeping it real’, and how to break down barriers of transparency to achieve scale in your business. Understand the importance of nailing down your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), while simultaneously motivating, training, and rewarding staff in a way that breeds confidence. 

“What better way to learn what people want than to look them in the eye and ask them?”

– Patrick Micklewright 

In This Episode:

– Patrick Micklewright’s business journey as a tech entrepreneur.

– How to build a motivated sales team?

– Leadership lessons regarding authenticity, transparency, and understanding your client’s business needs.

– Shifting from a salesperson to a ‘hero’know your customers’ childrens’ names.

– How to get better response rates and connections on LinkedIn?

– How to build a repeatable process within your first sales team structure?

– Stand out from the online crowd with business networking that drives scalability.

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