Ep. #9: How to Build an Award-Winning Customer Success Model

August 31, 2022

It’s no secret that businesses need an exceptional sales and marketing strategy to be successful. But in today’s environment where customers have endless options, sales and marketing alone aren’t enough to cut it. Customer acquisition cost has steadily increased over the past decade. So the question becomes, what else can businesses do to succeed? 

The answer is quite simple–invest in customer success. In today’s episode of Guaranteed to Grow, Patrick will discuss the benefits of introducing customer success as a core component of your business and how to build an award-winning customer success model. So let’s dive in!

“Customer success focuses on helping customers maximize the benefits of your product or service.”

Patrick Parker

In This Episode:

– How is customer success different from customer support?

– Why is it important to map the customer journey?

– Understanding the impact of customer churn and what you can do to minimize it

– 7 steps to building your customer success model

– Tools to help you build your customer success process

And more…


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