How Sales Contests Keep Your SalesTeam Motivated

When it comes to sales, everyone knows that the key to success is motivation. Without it, even the best salespeople will struggle to close deals and reach their quotas. That’s why as a manager, it’s important to keep your team motivated with sales contest themes and incentives. Introducing Sales Contests!

But coming up with new ideas can be tough. You want something that will get your team excited but also help boost your bottom line. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of some of the most popular sales contest themes that are sure to do both.

How Sales Contests Work

Humans naturally want recognition for their hard work, but sales teams often receive their incentives late.

After a day of being rejected by potential customers, it’s tough to find the drive to keep going.

Gamification is a tactic that appeals to goal-driven, competitive, and achievement-focused people.

Sales teams are constantly looking for ways to improve their performance and hit their quotas. Gamification can help by providing an extra layer of motivation and excitement to the daily tasks that salespeople have to complete.

By offering cash prizes, bragging rights, or other rewards, gamification can help sales teams stay focused and achieve their goals.

Gamification is the act of applying game-like mechanics to non-game activities. The best contests for sales teams are those that include all three of these three gamified components:

  • Independence: Allow your sales team to choose how they want to participate in your coaching program. Give them the autonomy to make their own decisions, but remind them that they are still responsible for their own performance.
  • Value: Giving a value or purpose to a task can help motivate people to complete it.
  • Competence: Consider whether you’re able to complete a task, what resources you’ll need, and if you have the skills you need.

Keeping a sales team motivated during a down period can be a difficult task. A team thrives on progress and performance, so it’s easy to get in a rut when things slow down.

Sales games and contests are a great way to motivate your sales team and give them a fresh perspective.

Coming up with ideas for a competition is tricky. The last thing you want to do is make your reps roll their eyes and feel even more unmotivated.

Sales contests are a great way to gamify the sales process and motivate your team to sell more. By offering prizes for the top sellers, you can create a friendly competition that encourages your team to step up their game. Plus, contests are a great way to measure and track progress over time.

Best Sales Contests to Motivate Your Sales Team

Without a big budget for incentives, motivating your sales team can be difficult.

But there are some low-cost ways to incentivize your salespeople.

Having an Employee of the Month or Salesperson of the Year is a great way to reward employees for their hard work.

Gamification is a great way to motivate your salespeople. Simply choose a month to start, set a prize, and then let your team know. You can reward them with anything from a day off to cash to something more unique. This will ensure your whole team is motivated while rewarding those who deserve it.

If you want to give everyone on your team a chance to earn recognition, you can implement a reward system that uses a raffle. This will ensure everyone gets rewarded, and it will also foster some healthy competition between your employees.

At the end of each week, you can hold a contest where each salesperson or employee receives a single raffle entry for each sale they complete. Then, at the end of your sales quarter, you can randomly select a winner.

This system allows everyone to be rewarded for their hard work, no matter how big or small their achievements are. This motivates employees to strive for more, and results in higher sales figures.

Choosing the right prize for your team can be the hardest part of running a sales contest. But it doesn’t have to be.

At the end of the competition, give the winners the option to choose a prize from you.

Maybe they want to wash your car, or maybe they’re just looking to have lunch with you.

Let the customer decide — within reason, that is.

You could create a competition where the person that wins gets to take a day off from selling.

At the end of the month or year, the person who sells the most or has the most points in the company gets to choose where they want to go for lunch or dinner. Or, they can even set up shop in your private office or conference room. This incentive system works because it gives employees a reason to increase their sales and earn more rewards.

Instead of pitting your sales team against each other, you can ask them to work together as a team to achieve a certain objective. This will encourage teamwork and camaraderie, and no one will feel like they’re being singled out.

Track your progress toward a specific goal, such as the number of sales or revenue you generate. Then, encourage each other to stay focused.

You don’t have to have a huge, month-long giveaway to generate buzz. In fact, you can have small, frequent contests that give people more chances to win.

Like the NCAA basketball tournament, you can set up a competition between your employees to see who can make the most sales.

You’ll need to plan this one in advance. Create a schedule for your sales team.

At the end of each week, the person who sells the most will win. Then, at the end of the month or year, depending on how big your team is, there will be a final, ultimate round, and an ultimate champion.

When your company gets a new set of leads to contact, you can hold a contest where each salesperson has the same chance to win regardless of their prior performance.

For this contest, you’ll want your sales team to distribute the leads to the people on their team evenly. Whoever ends up selling the most wins.

Instead of rewarding your sales team for the number of sales they make, you can reward them for closing a single big sale.

This contest would be similar to others but would encourage your sales team to sell more than one item to each customer.

At the end of the month or year, the salesperson who made the biggest single sales win will receive a prize. This will encourage your salespeople to sell more products to your customers.

Keep an eye on the leaderboard to see how your team members are doing.

You could also have contests where the person with the most sales wins a prize, or you could give the prize to the person who sells the most in a month.

To motivate your sales team, you should identify a reward that they enjoy, even if it’s temporary. This could be something as simple as a decorative item for their desks or as extravagant as choosing what snack to have in the break room.

By providing this incentive, you’ll encourage friendly competition between team members.

Then, ensure that a prize is rewarded to the person who sells the most each month.

Each of your team members has their own unique set of skills. So, you can challenge them to work together and complete certain tasks.

You can set sales goals such as:

  • Sales over a certain amount
  • Sell to new customers
  • Make a certain number of different product purchases

Divide your sales team into groups and assign them each a goal. Have them complete the list.

Think of a fantasy football league. This style of competition is meant to encourage teamwork and camaraderie among your staff.

In draft style, your sales reps form teams, and each player is scored based on their performance. The team with the most points at the end of the period is declared the winner.

During slower periods, you can encourage your sales reps to reach out to past customers to try and sell them more products or services.

Decide when you’d like to end your sweepstakes and what your objective will be. This can be the most number of customers, the most amount of profit, or the largest single purchase.

Then, have your staff contact their established customers to see which one they’d prefer.

In business, there are probably a few large clients that you’d love to get as your customers. And you can turn this into a contest.

Give each of your salespeople a certain number of “most-wanted” clients and incentivize them to make the most amount of sales. Whoever sells the most wins a prize.

Contests work best when you can see the progress you’re making.

So that you can track how close your salespeople are to meeting their goals.

Competition can be a great motivator for sales teams. By setting a numerical goal for the month, you can create a sense of camaraderie and encourage your reps to work together to reach the target. You can also use visual aids, like charts or graphs, to help track progress and keep everyone on track.

Or you can have a chart that keeps track of each of your salespeople’s sales each month so you can have a friendly competition.

If you sell at trade shows and events, you can use that as an opportunity to foster some friendly competition among your team members.

You can host a contest where whoever sells the most wins a prize.

All you need to run an effective sales contest is to inform your employees about the promotion and to give them the means to track their wins.

Customer’s Choice

While your sales team may be focused on making as many deals as possible, you can encourage them to provide even better service to your clients by running a customer satisfaction award. This can be a great way to ensure that they’re providing top-notch service for your customers, and it can be fun too!

After your customers have made their purchase, be sure to survey them about their experience. This can help you identify which of your reps are providing the best service. You can then reward them appropriately.

What Are Good Sales Contests to use?

There are a few things to consider when coming up with contest ideas. First, what is the purpose of the contest? Is it to generate leads, increase brand awareness, or something else? Once you know the purpose, you can start to brainstorm ideas that will align with that goal.

For example, if you want to increase brand awareness, a social media contest is a great option. If you want to generate leads, a contest where participants have to provide their contact information to enter is a good option.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to contests, so get creative and come up with something that will resonate with your target audience!

What Are The Types of Sales Contests?

There are many types of sales contests, but some of the most common include individual contests, team contests, and company-wide contests.

Individual contests typically pit salespeople against each other in a competition to see who can sell the most products or services.

Team contests typically involve teams of salespeople working together to reach a certain sales goal.

Company-wide contests typically involve all employees in a company competing to sell the most products or services.

What Are Good Prizes for Sales Contests?

There is no one answer to this question as different companies will have different budgets and different goals for their sales contests. However, some possible prizes that could be offered include gift cards, paid time off, company merchandise, and cash bonuses. The key is to offer prizes that will motivate your sales team and help them reach their targets.

How Do I Start a Sales Contest?

There are a few things to consider when creating a sales contest. First, decide what the prize will be. This could be a monetary amount, a vacation, or something else that would be motivating to your sales team.

Next, set some guidelines for who is eligible to win the contest. This could be based on total sales, new customer acquisition, or some other metric.

Finally, create a timeline for the contest and promote it to your team so they are aware of the details and can start competing!


There are a lot of great sales contest themes out there, so it’s important to choose one that will work well for your team. If you’re looking for ideas, be sure to check out our list. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can come up with a contest that will help motivate your team and improve your bottom line.

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